April 23-25

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Author: Hideaki Miura
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2018-02-12 11:35:50

Co-authors: Linjin Zheng, Wendell Horton

Contact Info:
National Institute of Fusion Science and IFS Unive
1 University STA at Austin
Austin, Texas   78712

Abstract Text:
Steep pressure gradients across the last closed magnetic surface drive turbulent transport in the SOL plasma and create a ion pressure anisotropy owing to the differential responce of passing and trapped ions just inside the SOL. The ion pressure anisotropy and the change in the fluctuation boundary conditions in the SOL create new mixed vortex/wave transport structures driven by the steep radial gradients in the anisotropic ion pressure and density gradient in the pedestal where the pressure rises across the transition layer between the SOL plasma pedestal into the core plasma. The simulations use the full density and pressure fields since the fluctuations and blob structures are relatively large. The simulations show the turbulence is complex influenced by the anisotropic ion pressure gradient and gradient of the resistivity in across the pedestal which mixes the ballooning and magnetic reconnection parities. We show how the small amplitude waves develop in to interesting vortex structures from the density, temperature (resistivity) gradients. The resistivity gradient creates broken symmetry with new type CITM mode similar to the structures reported inBurrell et al PoP 2005) and Takahashi et al. NF 2004 in the DIIID.

1. H. Miura, L. Zheng, W. Horton, Physics of Plasmas, vol 24, 092111 (2017).