2005 International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference

2005 International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference

Apr 11, 2005 - Apr 13, 2005
Stateline, Nevada, USA

Tentative Agenda
International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference

The schedule for all papers and PDF versions of the abstracts and many viewgraphs/posters can be obtained by selecting either session or first author.

The poster boards will be 4' (vertrical) x 8' (horizontal) with push pins supplied.

Monday, April 11

Oral Session O1 - Chair: Gary Staebler
8:20 Welcome and meeting arrangements - T.D. Rognlien (LLNL)
8:30 Review paper: Photonic band gap materials: engineering the fundamental properties of light, Sajeev John, Univ. Toronto
9:30 Natural velocity of magnetic islands, F.L. Waelbroeck, IFS, Univ. Texas

Poster Session P1
10:00 Posters with coffee
12:00 Lunch

Oral Session O2 - Chair: Carl Sovinec
1:30 Gyrokinetic simulations of ion and impurity transport, C. Estrada-Mila, Univ. Calif., San Diego
2:00 Intermittent transport and scaling of the scrape-off-layer width in tokamaks, A.Y. Aydemir, IFS, Univ. Texas
2:30 Gyrokinetic δf simulation of the collisionless and semicollisional tearing mode instability, W. Wan, Univ. Colorado
3:00 Equation-free projective integration: A novel scheme for modeling multiscale processes in plasmas, M.A. Shay, Univ. Maryland

Poster Session P2
3:30 Posters with coffee

Special Session/Discussion on Cluster Architecture - Chair: Jim Van Dam
5:30- 7:30 Presentations by C. Bolton, V. Decyk, E. Valeo, J. Candy, and D. Ernst

Tuesday, April 12

Oral Session O3 - Chair: Peter Catto
8:30 Review paper: Scrape-off layer flows, magnetic topology, and the flow boundary conditions imposed at the separatrix in a tokamak plasma, B. LaBombard, MIT
9:30 Particle noise induced diffusion and its effects on ETG simulations, G.W. Hammett, PPPL
10:00 Coffee break

Oral Session O4 - Chair: Steve Jardin
10:30 Rotation, error field, and wall thickness effects on resistive wall modes in ITER, L.J. Zheng, IFS, Univ. Texas
11:00 Nonlinear dynamics of energetic particle-driven fishbone instability in tokamak plasmas, G.Y. Fu, PPPL
11:30 Modelling nonperturbative frequency sweeping, R.G.L. Vann, Univ. Warwick
12:00 Nonlinear evolution of edge localized modes, D.P. Brennan, MIT, General Atomics
12:30 Open time
5:30 - 7:00 Buffet dinner

Poster Session P3
7:30 - 9:30 Poster Session 3

Wednesday, April 13

Oral Session O5 - Chair: John Cary
8:30 Review paper: Unique MHD properties of spherical torus plasmas, J. Menard, PPPL
9:30 Self-organized temperature redistribution during sawtooth oscillation on TEXTOR, H. Park, PPPL
10:00 Coffee break

Oral Session O6 - Chair: Tom Rognlien
10:30 Gyrokinetic simulations of a Z-pinch, P. Ricci, Dartmouth College
11:00 On the possibility of the sheath-driven, finite-beta modes localized near the divertor plate, R.H. Cohen, LLNL
11:30 Time and space dependent parallel viscous force, A.L. Garcia-Perciante, Univ. Wisc.
12:00 Conference adjourns