April 23-25

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Author: Alfonso G. Tarditi
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2018-03-02 01:52:14


Contact Info:
Oak ridge National Laboratory
One Bethel Vallley Rd.
Oak Ridge, TN   37831

Abstract Text:
This study is focused on the analysis of a novel approach for the generation and confinement of high-density plasmas, featuring potentially high-efficiency and a compact size. The proposed scheme consists of separate, z-pinch plasma discharges, carrying parallel currents and positioned symmetrically in a cylindrical configuration.

An external coil generates a magnetic field that slightly bends the discharge paths towards the axis of symmetry, leading to an essentially coherent onset of a kink mode in all the z-pinch discharges. This, combined with the mutual attraction among parallel currents, is expected to lead to a further inward bending, and ultimately to the coalescence of accelerated plasma streams forming a higher density region in the center.

The analysis is considering first a pulsed mode regime for the sustainement of a non-thermal plasma (particularly interesting for advanced fusion applications). The conditions for the formation of a meta-stable plasma for quasi-continuous operations, will be also investigated, including the requirements to prevent the onset of a counter-streaming instability in the central region.

A fundamental step is the verification of the possibility of favoring the coherent onset of kink instabilities. Then, the parameters required to sustain the mutual attraction of the current-carrying plasmas will be investigated. Basic analytic estimates will be integrated by numerical simulations of the dynamic evolution using both fluid and particle-in-cell models.