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approvedmagnetic_reconnection_sustained_.pdf2018-02-28 13:23:18Bruno Coppi


Author: Renato Gatto
Requested Type: Pre-Selected Invited
Submitted: 2018-02-28 13:22:13

Co-authors: B. Coppi

Contact Info:
Università la Sapienza
Palazzo Baleani, Corso Vittori
Rome,   00186

Abstract Text:
Endogenous modes associated with a finite electron temperature gradient can be sustained by the electron temperature heating rate due to the charged reaction products in a fusion burning plasma [1]. In this case, the longitudinal thermal conductivity on selected rational magnetic surfaces [1] is decreased, relative to its collisional value, by the effects of reconnection. If the relevant decrease is significant rational magnetic surfaces can acquire a favorite role in the process of plasma heating by fusion reaction products.
*Supported in part by the U.S. DOE.
[1] B. Coppi, et al., Nucl. Fusion, 55, 053011 (2015).