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approvedevolution_of_the_reconnecting_internal_kink_mode.pdf2018-02-28 15:17:27Bruno Coppi


Author: Paolo Buratti
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2018-02-28 15:16:55

Co-authors: B. Coppi

Contact Info:
Lungotevere Thaon di Revel, 76
Rome,   00196

Abstract Text:
The best agreement between theory and experiments concerning the onset of magnetic reconnection is (probably) represented by the theory of the resistive internal kink mode [1]. Now there remains a need to explain the following observed evolution of the reconnection rate that involves the formation of a relatively large magnetic island and a local steepening of the electron temperature gradient. Thus, the effects that characterize a magneto-thermal reconnecting mode [2] are proposed to be compounded with those (e.g. total plasma pressure gradient) that lead to the excitation of the original $left( {{m}^{0}}=1 right)$ mode. *Supported in part by the U.S. DOE.
[1] B. Coppi, et al., Nucl. Fusion, 55, 053011 (2015).
[2] B. Coppi, B. Basu, and A. Fletcher, Nucl. Fusion, 57, 7 (2017).