April 4-6


Here is the list of abstracts and uploaded presentations.

Author Title Files Organization
Abel, Ian G Modelling of Equilibria and Confinement for Centrifugal Mirror Machines 1 IREAP, University of Maryland
Akcay, Cihan Locked mode predictor in the presence of a resistive wall, error field and finite island saturation [none] General Atomics
Arnold, Alistair M Parallel expansion of a pellet plasmoid [none] Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics
Barham, William J. Structure preserving discretization of Maxwell’s equations with a staggered-grid mimetic spectral element method 1 University of Texas at Austin
Basu, Bamandas “Alternator” Involving Reconnected Magnetic Field Structures in the Presence of Electron Temperature and Density Gradients 1 MIT
Beidler, Matthew T. Role of the avalanche source in wall heating during an unmitigated runaway electron final loss event in DIII-D 1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Buck, Braden T Comparison of numerical and analytic ITG turbulence models in stellarators [none] Purdue University
Buck, Braden T Comparison of numerical and analytic ITG turbulence models in stellarators [none] Purdue University
Burby, Joshua W Geometric integration of Hamiltonian systems on exact symplectic manifolds [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Campos, Alejandro Finite-element exterior-calculus simulations of extended Hasegawa-Wakatani drift-wave turbulence [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Cardinali, Alessandro Non-thermal (“Cool”) Fusion Burning Plasma Regimes 1 ENEA
CHEN, CHIPING Energy confinement time in a magnetically confined thermonuclear fusion device 1 Beyond Carbon Energy, LLC
Cheng, Junyi Transport barrier for spinning blobs in magnetically confined plasmas [none] University of Colorado at Boulder
Coppi, Bruno New Mesoscopic Modes Associated with Impurity Populations 1 MIT
Coppi, Bruno Theoretical Formation and Ejection of Double Helix Plasma Structures and Recent Observations on Astrophysical Jets 1 MIT
Cote, Tyler B Comparison of DIII-D and AUG pedestal ballooning stability during 3D magnetic perturbations [none] Oak Ridge Associated Universities
De Pascuale, Sebastian Acceleration of SOLPS-ITER Simulations with Data-Driven Projective Integration [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Dewar, Robert L Quasi-Relaxed Magnetohydrodynamics (QRxMHD) incorporating Ideal Ohm's Law Constraint (IOL) 2 The Australian National University
Dominski, Julien Core-Edge Coupled Gyrokinetic Simulations of Whole Device Plasma [none] PPPL
Duff, Joey M Stellarator Turbulence Optimization Based on Flux-Surface Triangularity 1 UW-Madison
Ebrahimi, Fatima Theory of nonlinear ELMs as reconnection bursts [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory/Princeton Univ
Ernst, Darin R. Reduced Model and Algorithmic Test-bed for Cross-Scale Interactions in Multi-Scale ITG/ETG Turbulence [none] Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Faber, Benjamin J StellaratorOptimization.jl: optimizing stellarator confinement with Julia [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Faelli, Gilberto Novel Hybrid Reactor Concepts Based on Ignitor Technology and Physics 1 CNR
Fan, Kaixuan Kinetic Landau-Fluid closures of non-Maxwellian distributions [none] Peking University
Ferraris, Pier Non-Thermal "Cool" Fusion Considered for the Ignitor Program 1 Consorzio Ignitor
Finn, John M Meshfree analysis of numerical stability and noise properties in particle methods for plasma kinetic theory [none] Tibbar Plasma Technologies, LLC
Fischer, Sorah A multi-species plasma transport simulation for stellarators [none] CUNY City College
Frank, Samuel Simulations of Lower Hybrid Current Drive Spectral Gap Closure by Full Wave Effects [none] Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Gaur, Rahul Linear stability of ultra high-beta equilibria [none] University of Maryland, College Park
Ghai, Yashika Modelling energetic particle instabilities using FAR3D for ITER simulations [none] Oak Ridge National laboratory
Gupta, Urvashi Pressure driven dynamics and global energy transport in finite-beta RFP computations [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hager, Robert Electromagnetic total-f simulation of diverted edge plasma in the gyrokinetic particle-in-cell code XGC [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Halfmoon, Michael R Analysis of gyrokinetic microinstabilities driving anomalous losses in DIII-D pedestal region [none] University of Texas at Austin
Hansen, Chris Development and validation of tools for magnetized plasmas in fusion devices with 3D structural features [none] University of Washington
Held, Eric Continuum drift kinetic electron closures in NIMROD [none] Utah State University
Holec, Milan Energy and Enstrophy Conserving High-Order Temporal-Spatial Method for Drift -Reduced MHD [none] Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Howell, Eric C Benchmarking RMP Response Models in KSTAR Plasma [none] Tech-X Corporation
Huang, Yi-Min Numerical study of delta-function current sheets arising from resonant magnetic perturbations [none] Princeton University
Hudson, Stuart R. Connecting the plasma to the world [none] PPPL
Ivanov, Plamen G. Dimits transition in three-dimensional ion-temperature-gradient turbulence [none] University of Oxford
Izzo, Valerie Simulations to investigate the thermal-quench-onset phase of DIII-D natural disruptions* 1 Fiat Lux
Janhunen, Salomon Gyrokinetic analysis of plasmas in the ST40 spherical tokamak [none] Tokamak Energy Ltd
Jenkins, Thomas G Coupled UEDGE/Vorpal modeling of RF-induced ponderomotive effects on edge and SOL transport 2 Tech-X Corporation
Jepson, Joseph R Simulations of plasma flow evolution of an axisymmetric tokamak using a Chapman-Enskog-like (CEL) kinetic closure approach in NIMROD [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jitsuk, Taweesak Saturation-Channel Selection Rules for Toroidal and Slab ITG Turbulence [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Joseph, Ilon Exploration of Quantum Computing for Fusion Energy Science Applications [none] Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Kim, Patrick S. Prospects for Efficient Calculation of 3D Plasma Response to RMPs Using Equilibrium Principles [none] IREAP
Kim, Patrick S. Stellarator Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Simulations Using Near-Axis Magnetic Fields [none] IREAP
King, Jacob R A time-split approach to atomic and multiple species physics within the semi-implicit leapfrog method and development for next-generation hardware [none] Tech-X Corp
Kiramov, Dmitrii I. Bifurcation-driven vertical plasma displacement [none] Institute for Fusion Studies, UT Austin
Kumar, Atul Modeling of plasma parallel transport in the Material Plasma Exposure eXperiment (MPEX) during ion cyclotron heating [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Landreman, Matt Achieving energetic particle confinement in stellarators with precise quasisymmetry [none] University of Maryland
Lapenta, Giovanni ECsim implicit PIC for 6D fusion modelling [none] KU Leuven
Li, Nami Characteristics of grassy ELMs and its impact on the divertor heat flux width [none] LLNL
Li, Jessica L. Suppression of Microinstability-Driven Turbulence in Negative Triangularity Toroids [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Losada, Juan M Stochastic modelling of filament structures, intermittent fluctuations and broad average profiles at the boundary of magnetically confined plasma [none] UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Lyons, Brendan C. Nonlinear, Extended-Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of Disruption Mitigation [none] General Atomics
Mandell, Noah R GX: a GPU-based pseudo-spectral gyrokinetic code [none] MIT
Markham, Tyler Relativistic, Continuum Drift-Kinetic Capability in the NIMROD Plasma Fluid Code [none] Utah State University
Maurino, Javier Effect of turbulence on the neoclassical momentum fluxes and current drive [none] University of Oxford
McDevitt, Chris Phase Space Evolution of a Runaway Electron Population during Rapid Termination Schemes [none] University of Florida
Morrison, Philip J On a computable model for testing assumptions of plasma kinetic theory [none] University of Texas at Austin
Parisi, Jason F Three-Dimensional Inhomogeneity of Electron-Temperature-Gradient Turbulence in the Pedestal [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Park, Jong-Kyu Parametric dependencies of resonant field penetration across linear two-fluid drift MHD regimes [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Parra, Felix I. Finite orbit width effects in large aspect ratio stellarators [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Patch, Djin MUSE: an optimized quasi-symmetric stellarator with simple coils [none] PPPL
Paul, Elizabeth Energetic particle transport in 3D magnetic fields: Loss mechanisms and optimization strategies [none] Princeton University - Department of Astrophysical
Poulos, Matthew J Nonlinear features arising from radio-frequency sheath boundaries in magnetized plasmas [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Qian, Tony M. Fast profile predictions using dynamic non-linear flux tubes in Trinity-GX [none] Princeton University
Ricci, Valeria Magnetic Reconnection Driven by Thermal and Non-thermal Particle Energy Densities 1 CNR
Ricketson, Lee F Implicit, asymptotic-preserving and energy-conserving time integration for charged particle motion in arbitrary electromagnetic fields [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Sabbagh, Steven A. Tokamak Disruption Event Characterization and Forecasting Research and Expansion to Real-Time Application 1 Columbia University / PPPL
Sainterme, Alexandre P Nonlinear MHD Simulations of a Tokamak Current Quench using the Fluid Runaway Electron Model in NIMROD [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Samulyak, Roman Lagrangian Particle Simulations of Pellets and SPI into Runaway Electron Beam in ITER [none] Stony Brook University
Sengupta, Wrick On-axis magnetic shear [none] Princeton University
Shivamoggi, Bhimsen K Stellar Rotation and Polytropic Gas Effects on the Stellar Wind [none] University of Central Florida,
Smithe, David N. Benchmarking of the Time-Domain RF Sheath Algorithm in the VSim software [none] Tech-X Corporation
Snyder, Philip B Pedestal Physics Enabling High Fusion Performance and Low Recirculating Power for EXCITE and Pilot Plant Designs [none] Oak Ridge National Lab
Sovinec, Carl Verification and Pre-Processing Development for NIMSTELL [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Spencer, Andrew Time advance schemes for continuum drift kinetics and extended MHD [none] Utah State University
Stanier, Adam A conservative multi-scale hybrid scheme with full-orbit ions and fluid-electrons [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Stanish, Sage A Topological Data Analysis and its Application to Drift Wave Turbulence [none] College of William and Mary
Stephens, Cole D. Energetic particle destabilization of toroidal Alfvén eigenmodes with steep pedestal gradients [none] Institute of Fusion Studies, University of Texas a
Strauss, Henry Thermal quench in JET and DIII-D disruptions 1 HRS Fusion
Sturdevant, Benjamin J Eliminating finite-grid instabilities in gyrokinetic particle-in-cell simulations 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Sugiyama, Linda Current ramp and startup of high field DT fusion burning [none] MIT
Tang, Xianzhu Progress by the Tokamak Disruption Simulation (TDS) SciDAC Project on Disruption Mitigation [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Taylor, Trevor V Serendipity shape functions in NIMROD's delta-f PIC approach to energetic particle physics [none] Utah State University
Tirkas, Stefan P Gyrokinetic Simulations of Zonal Flow Generation by Intermediate-Scale Electron Temperature Gradient Turbulence in Tokamak Plasmas [none] University of Colorado, Boulder
Tranquilli, Paul Deterministic verification for particle-in-cell algorithms using the method of manufactured solutions [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Tranquilli, Paul Deterministic verification for particle-in-cell algorithms using the method of manufactured solutions [none] Law
Trinczek, Silvia Finite orbit width effects on neoclassical transport in large aspect ratio tokamaks 1 Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, Uni
Tripathi, Bindesh Transport reduction in forced shear layers due to stable modes [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Trivedi, Pallavi Modelling of core-edge coupling between delta-f and total-f gyrokinetic model in the XGC code [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Vahala, George Qubit Lattice Algorithms for Electromagnetic Wave Scattering from Two Dimensional Scalar Dielectric Objects 1 William & MAry
Wang, Wenhao Simulation of 2D electrostatic presheath potential in the SOL of FRC [none] University of California, Irvine
Ware, Andrew Three-Dimensional, Finite-Beta, MHD Equilibria [none] University of Montana
Wei, Xishuo Verification of a fully-kinetic ion simulation model for high-frequency electromagnetic waves in toroidal geometry [none] University of California, Irvine
Wilkie, George J. Nonlinear collision processes with neutrals in kinetic simulations of edge plasma [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Wright, Adelle Exploring stellarator beta-limits with nonlinear MHD modelling [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Yuzhi, Li Bohm criterion of plasma sheaths away from asymptotic limits [none] Virginia Tech
Zhang, Yanzeng Cooling flow regime of a plasma thermal quench [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Zhao, Chen Disruption simulation with pellet injection and runaway electrons [none] PPPL
Zhao, Menglong Bifurcation solutions in the tokamak scrape-off layer w/o the presence of supersonic transition [none] Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Zheng, Linjin Plasma rotation effects on the resistive wall modes in the negative triangularity tokamaks 2 The University of Texas at Austin
Zhu, Ben Development of Model-based Divertor Detachment Prediction 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Zhu, Hongxuan Quantitative measurements of ion orbit loss from gyrokinetic simulations [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Proceedings will be provided nearer to the date of the conference.