May 1-3

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Here is the list of abstracts and uploaded presentations.

Author Title Files Organization
Asgari-Targhi, Mahboubeh Disruption of Plasma Disks Around Black Holes, Magnetic Field Amplification and Angular Momentum Transport 1 MIT
Baalrud, Scott D. Collisional Transport in Strongly Magnetized Plasmas [none] University of Iowa
Bae, Cheonho Comparison of toroidal angular torques in axisymmetric toroidally-confined plasmas [none] National Fusion Research Institute
Banon Navarro, Alejandro Effect of magnetic Islands on Profiles, Flows, Turbulence and Transport in Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Simulations [none] University of California Los Angeles
Bao, Jian Gyrokinetic ion and drift kinetic electron model for electromagnetic simulation in toroidal geometry [none] University of California, Irvine
Basu, Bamandas Waves and Instabilities in Plasmas Containing Superthermal Particles 1 MIT
Basu, Bamandas High Energy Particle Populations and Momentum Transport Associated with Collisionless Reconnection Processes 1 MIT
Bechtel, Torrin A Anisotropic thermal conduction effects in finite-beta stellarator simulations with an extended MHD model [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Beidler, Matthew T. Nonlinear Modeling Benchmarks of Forced Magnetic Reconnection with NIMROD and M3D-C1 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Belli, Emily Influence of Sonic Toroidal Rotation on Gyrokinetic Stability [none] General Atomics
Bhandari, Shesaraj Ion-Temperature Effect on Collisional Magnetized Dusty Plasma Sheath [none] Central Department of Physics
Bonoli, Paul T. Coupled full-wave / Fokker Planck simulations of lower hybrid wave propagation and absorption in the EAST tokamak [none] Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Brennan, Dylan P. Energetic ion effects on resistive instabilities with plasma rotation and a resistive wall [none] Princeton University / PPPL
Burby, Joshua W. Variational approach to low-frequency kinetic-MHD in the current-coupling scheme 1 New York University
Burby, Joshua W. MHD motion of a two-fluid plasma [none] Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Cai, Huishan influence of energetic ions on neoclassical tearing modes [none] University of Science and Technology of China
Callen, James D Forced Magnetic Reconnection In Tokamak Plasmas [none] University of Wisconsin
Carbajal, Leopoldo Synchrotron emission diagnostic in kinetic simulations of runaway electrons in magnetic confinement fusion plasmas [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cardinali, Alessandro Tridimensional Thermonuclear Instability in Subignited Plasmas and on the Surface of the Pulsars 1 MIT
CARDINALI, ALESSANDRO Wave Equation for Cold Plasma for Heating and Diagnostics Applications in toroidal confined plasmas 1 ENEA
Cerfon, Antoine J Fast and spectrally accurate evaluation of gyroaverages for nonperiodic gyrokinetic simulations 1 Courant Institute - NYU
Chen, Bin Towards understanding the role of quasi-coherent modes in Enhanced Dα H-mode by BOUT++ code [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Chen, Jianguo Two-fluid simulation of near-zero torque QH-mode on DIII-D with BOUT++ code [none] Peking University
Cianciosa, Mark R Equilibrium Reconstruction of Weakly 3D Tokamaks [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Coppi, Bruno Unconventional Roles of Novel Magnetic Reconnection Processes 1 MIT
Cote, Tyler B Ballooning stability of tokamak pedestals in the presence of strong applied 3D magnetic perturbations [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Crisanti, Flavio Analytical Solution of the Grad Shafranov equation in an elliptical prolate Geometry 1 ENEA for EUROfusion
D’Amico, Arnaldo Rehabilitation of the Goal of Ignition, Sober Assessments of the Large Machine Approach to Fusion and the Ignitor Program 1 MIT
del-Castillo-Negrete, Diego Space dependent, full orbit effects on runaway electron dynamics in tokamak plasmas [none] ORNL
Delzanno, Gian Luca Spectral methods for multi-scale plasma physics simulations 1 Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dimits, Andris M Efficient Implicit Coupling of Fluid-Plasma and Monte-Carlo-Neutral Models for Edge Plasma Transport [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dorf, Mikhail Continuum kinetic modeling of cross-separatrix plasma transport with COGENT [none] LLNL
Drake, James F Electron and ion heating, acceleration and energy partition during magnetic reconnection in space and astrophysical systems 1 University of Maryland
Ebrahimi, Fatima Three-dimensional plasmoid-mediated reconnection in tokamaks 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Department o
Embréus, Ola Relativistic Boltzmann collision operator for runaway-avalanche studies 2 Chalmers University of Technology
Ernst, Darin R Model for Nonlinear Upshift of TEM Critical Density Gradient and ITG Dimits Shift 1 MIT
Espinosa, Silvia Theoretical explanations of impurity removal in I-mode and poloidal pedestal asymmetries 2 MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Faber, Benjamin J Examining the zero-magnetic-shear approximation for low-shear stellarators [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fan, Xiang Cascades, ‘Blobby’ Turbulence, and Target Pattern Formation in Elastic Systems [none] University of California, San Diego
Ferraro, Nate M Disruption Modeling with M3D-C1 [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Fitzpatrick, Richard Effect of Nonlinear Energy Transport on Neoclassical Tearing Mode Stability in Tokamak Plasmas [none] IFS, University of Texas at Austin
Fletcher, Alex New Magnetic Field Topologies and Amplification by Local Depletion of Electron Thermal Energy 1 MIT
Flint, Christopher R Extending the application limits of lattice Boltzmann MHD [none] College of William and Mary
Fraser, Adrian E. Coupling of Damped and Growing Modes in Shear Flow Turbulence [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Frerichs, Heinke Assessment of non-axisymmetric effects in the SAS divertor at DIII-D 1 University of Wisconsin - Madison
Fulton, Daniel Development of a First-Principles Simulation Model of Turbulent Transport in Compact Tori 1 Tri Alpha Energy, Inc.
Garcia, Odd Erik Intermittent fluctuations in the scrape-off layer of tokamak plasmas 1 UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Glasser, Alan H DCON for Stellarators [none] Fusion Theory & Computation, Inc.
Gogichaishvili, D. Nonlinear Transverse Cascade -a Key Factor Subcritical Turbulence [none] University of Texas at Austin
Green, David Convergence and stability properties of an operator-split iterative approach to kinetic effects in radio-frequency simulation. [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Guazzotto, Luca Ignition and Burning Plasmas: a Multi Fluid Analysis 1 Auburn University
Guo, Zehua Off-axis peak in pitch-angle distribution of primary runaway electrons [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Hager, Robert Gyrokinetic-neoclassical study of heat and particle fluxes induced by resonant magnetic perturbations in DIII-D [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Hammett, Gregory W. Gyrokinetic continuum simulations of turbulence in LAPD and in a helical model of a tokamak scrape-off-layer. [none] Princeton University, Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Hansen, Chris The PSI-Tet Code: MHD Simulations in Devices With Non-Axisymmetric Boundaries [none] University of Washington
Hassam, A. Shaping Magnetized Plasma by External Coils [none] Univ of Maryland
Hatch, David R Pedestal Shear Suppression: Theory and Computation [none] Institute for Fusion Studies, University of Texas
Hegna, Chris C Using 3D shaping to manipulate ITG turbulent saturation in stellarators 1 University of WIsconsin-Madison
Held, Eric Kinetic physics in NIMROD using a continuum approach [none] Utah State University
Heninger, Jeffrey M An Integral Transform for Kinetic Systems with One Velocity Dimension [none] The University of Texas at Austin
Hesslow, Linnea Kinetic effects of partially screened impurities in runaway-electron mitigation scenarios 2 Chalmers University of Technology
Horton, Wendell RF Wave Propagation and Scattering in Turbulent Plasmas 1 University of Texas at Austin
Howard, Nathan T Gyrokinetic Studies of Multi-Scale Heat Transport in ITER-Relevant, Alcator C-Mod Plasmas [none] MIT - PSFC
Howell, Eric C Development of a Non-Parametric Gaussian Process Model in V3FIT [none] Auburn University
Hudson, Stuart Smooth magnetohydrodynamic equilibria with arbitrary, three-dimensional boundaries [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Izzo, Valerie Shell-pellet modeling for disruption mitigation in DIII-D [none] University of California San Diego
Joseph, Ilon The Case-van Kampen Theorem and the Morrison-Pfirsch Free Energy for Generalized Vlasov Systems 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Jung, Young-Dae Diffusion effects on surface plasma waves in turbulent plasmas [none] Hanyang University
Juno, James L. Continuum Vlasov Simulations of Magnetized Shocks [none] University of Maryland College Park
King, Jacob R Enhancing Understanding of High-energy-density Plasmas using Modeling with Kinetic Closures [none] Tech-X Corporation
Kiramov, Dmitrii I. Force-free plasma motion in a tokamak during current decay 1 National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Moscow
Kothe, Douglas B Exascale Applications: Opportunities and Challenges [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ku, Seung-Hoe Gyrokinetic simulation of a fast L-H bifurcation dynamics in a realistic diverted tokamak edge geometry 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Landreman, Matt An improved current potential method for fast computation of stellarator coil shapes [none] University of Maryland
Lee, W. W. Finite Larmor Radius Effects at the Tokamak Edge and the associated MHD Equilibria 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Lee, Wonjae Status of 5D continuum kinetic code COGENT and its verification with kinetic drift wave instability [none] UC San Diego
Lee, Jungpyo Modification of the quasilinear diffusion coefficients for ICRF wave plasmas in a toroidal geometry [none] MIT
Li, Bo Bifurcation and hysteresis of plasma edge transport in a flux-driven system [none] Peking University
Li, Ding Influence of high magnetic field on the plasma transport [none] Institut of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Li, Nami Self-consistent calculation of the radial electric field in boundary plasmas by using BOUT++* [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Liu, Chang Scattering of a runaway electron beam by whistler waves 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Lopez, Omar E. High-beta analytic equilibria in circular, elliptical, and D-shaped large aspect ratio axisymmetric configurations with poloidal and toroidal flows [none] Auburn University
Lyons, Brendan C Understanding plasma response to 3D magnetic perturbations using automated and integrated magnetohydrodynamics modeling [none] General Atomics
Martin, Mike F Stellarator Microinstability and Turbulence Simulations Using Gyrofluid (GryfX) and Gyrokinetic (GS2) Models [none] University of Maryland, College Park
McDevitt, Christopher J. Topological Depedendence of Runaway Avalanche Threshold in Phase Space [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Miller, Sean T Implicit-explicit time integration of multi-fluid plasma models using compatible discretizations [none] Sandia National Lab
Miloshevich, George Covariant Hamiltonian theory of extended MHD and applications to collisionless reconnection [none] The University of Texas at Austin
Miura, Hideaki Numerical simulations of interchange/tearing instabilities in 2D slab with a numerical model for edge plasma [none] National Institute for Fusion Science
Necas, Ales C-2U Physics Overview [none] Tri Alpha Energy
Nishimura, Yasutaro Guiding center orbit following calculation across a tokamak divertor separatrix [none] National Cheng Kung University
Oganesov, Armen Vortices, Reconnection, Symmetry Constraints, Turbulence in Classical and Quantum Systems [none] William & Mary
Oliver, Henry J C Axisymmetric ellipticity-induced Alfvén eigenmodes in the Joint European Torus [none] The University of Texas
Pan, Chengkang In-Out Impurity Density Asymmetry due to the Coriolis Force in a Rotating Tokamak Plasma [none] Institute of Plasma Physics, Chinese Academy of Sc
Pan, Qingjiang Fully nonlinear delta-f gyrokinetics for turbulence in open plasma systems [none] UCLA
Parker, Scott E. A Simulation Model for the Toroidal Ion Temperature Gradient Instability with Fully Kinetic Ions [none] Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
Paul, Elizabeth J. Rotation and Neoclassical Ripple Transport in ITER [none] University of Maryland
Pfefferlé, David M3D-C1 modelling of tokamak vertical displacement events 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Ram, Abhay K. Wave scattering by turbulence in fusion plasmas 1 M.I.T.
Rhodes, Dov J Shaping effects on the rotational stabilizability of resistive-plasma resistive-wall modes in a tokamak [none] Columbia University
Sanchez-Vizuet, Tonatiuh Pseudospectral collocation with Maxwell polynomials for kinetic equations with energy diffusion [none] Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences (NYU)
SENGUPTA, WRICK Local nonsymmetric 3D MHD equilibrium and radial localization of deeply trapped particles. [none] COURANT INSTITUTE OF MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES, NYU
Shiraiwa, Syun'ichi Extending core ICRF wave simulation to include realistic SOL plasmas using FEM 1 PSFC, MIT
Spong, Don A Monte Carlo simulation of runaway electron suppression by pellet injection 1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
St-Onge, Denis A. The Dimits Shift in a One-Field Fluid Model [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Stoltzfus-Dueck, Timothy Parasitic momentum flux in the tokamak core [none] PPPL
Strauss, Henry Comparison of JET AVDE disruption data with MHD simulations and implications for ITER 1 HRS Fusion
Sturdevant, Benjamin J Implicit Multiscale Full Kinetics as an Alternative to Gyrokinetics [none] University of Colorado at Boulder
Sugiyama, Linda E. Solar coronal loops as nonaxisymmetric toroidal plasmas 1 M.I.T.
Svidzinski, Vladimir A Self-Consistent Full Wave Modeling of RF Fields in Hot Tokamak Plasma [none] FAR-TECH, Inc.
Tang, Xianzhu Critical role of plasma heat flux on Bohm criterion 1 Los Alamos National Laboratory
TenBarge, Jason M An Eulerian Discontinuous Galerkin Scheme for the Fully Kinetic Vlasov-Maxwell System with Applications to Turbulent Dynamics and Dissipation [none] University of Maryland
Theodorsen, Audun Stochastic modeling of SOL fluctuation threshold crossings [none] UIT - The Arctic University of Norway
Trevisan, Gregorio Luigi Effects of 3D magnetic perturbation fields on the Small Angle Slot divertor [none] Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Umansky, Maxim V. Investigation of parameter space for fully detached tokamak divertor operation 1 Lawrence Livermore National Lab
Varela, Jacobo Alfven Eigenmodes stability in 3D configurations using a Landau closure model [none] Oak Ridge National Lab
von HIppel, Frank N The Iran Nuclear Deal: How we got here and our options going forward 1 Princeton University
Waters, Ian J The Role of Parallel Pressure Gradients on Flows in Simulations of the Edge Plasmas of MAST [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Weitzner, Harold Further study of the O-X wave mode conversion in the electron cyclotron frequency range [none] New York University
Whelan, Garth G. Damped Mode Contributions to Electromagnetic ITG Stabilization 1 UW-Madison
White, Ryan W Symmetries of Reduced Gyrokinetic Fluid Models [none] MIT
Williams, Zachary R Characterizing Zonal Flows in the Reversed-Field Pinch [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Xie, Hua-sheng Global Gyrokinetic Electrostatic Simulations of Drift Modes in Dipole Configuration [none] School of Physics, Fusion Simulation Center, Pekin
Zakharov, Leonid E Hot Particle Equilibrium code (HPE) with plasma anisotropy and toroidal rotation 1 LiWFusion
Zhang, Yanzeng Blobs and drift wave dynamics 1 UCSD
Zhang, Guannan A backward Monte Carlo method for efficient computation of runaway probabilities in runaway electron simulation [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Zhao, Chen Gyrokinetic simulation and analytic modeling of dissipative trapped electron mode in tokamak edge [none] Zhejiang University
Zheng, Linjin The sensitivity of MHD stability condition on the edge equilibrium for ITER [none] University of Texas at Austin
Zhou, Yao Fabricating current singularity in a 3D line-tied plasma [none] Princeton University
Zhu, Ben Nonlinear Stabilization of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in a Magnetized Plasma [none] Dartmouth College
Zhu, Caoxiang Flexible optimized coil designing method using space curves [none] University of Science and Technology of China