April 23-25

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Sherwood 2018:

Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference


April 23-25, 2018

Auburn, AL - USA


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The Auburn University will organize the Sherwood 2018 from April 23-25, 2018, in Auburn, AL USA.


About the conference

The goal of controlled thermonuclear fusion research is to develop a safe, environmentally benign, and essentially inexhaustible source of energy for the future. Papers are solicited on the following topics for the International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference:

  • Plasma Properties, Equilibrium, Stability, and Transport
  • Physics of Plasma Edge and Divertor Region
  • Plasma Production and Heating
  • Computer Simulation of Plasmas

The Annual Conference is organized for educational and scientific purposes. Specifically, the objective of the Annual Conference shall be the communication of recent results in the physics of controlled fusion energy. This conference is conducted in accordance with the International Council of Scientific Unions guidelines on free circulation of scientists.