April 4-6

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Author: Julien Dominski
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2022-03-04 15:52:58

Co-authors: J. Cheng, G. Merlo, P. Trivedi, A. Mollen, CS Chang, F. Jenko, S.E. Parker, A. Bhattacharjee

Contact Info:
100 Stellarator rd
Princeton,   08540

Abstract Text:
The recent progress made in the core-edge coupling of gyrokinetic models will be presented. The generalized scheme for coupling codes over an overlap region will be presented. This algorithm uses the combination of a high frequency field coupling scheme [1] with a low frequency kinetic coupling scheme [2]. The field coupling between different codes requires interpolation between their different grids [3] [4], and the kinetic coupling of the distribution function is based on a resampling technique [2]. This resampling technique enables the coupling of particle and grid codes, as it permits the transfer of the distribution function information between a particle representation and a grid representation. It also permits the coupling of two particle codes that model the distribution function differently: delta-f or total-f [5]. Finally, recent progress in the coupling of electromagnetic simulation will be presented.

[1] J. Dominski, et al. Phys. of Plasmas 25, 072308 (2018)
[2] J. Dominski, et al. Phys. of Plasmas 28, 022301 (2021)
[3] J. Cheng, et al. Phys. of Plasmas 27, 122510 (2020)
[4] G. Merlo, et al. Phys. of Plasmas 28, 012303 (2021)
[5] P. Trivedi, et al. Phys. of Plasmas 29, 032301 (2022)

*Work supported by the US DOE under the Exascale Computing Project (17-SC-20-SC).