April 4-6

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Author: Roman Samulyak
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2022-03-11 14:05:39

Co-authors: S. Yuan, N. Naitlho, B. Pegourie, E. Nardon

Contact Info:
Stony Brook University
Math Tower
Stony Brook, NY   11794

Abstract Text:
Numerical studies of the ablation of pellets and shuttered pellet injection (SPI) fragments into a runaway electron beam in ITER have been performed using the time-dependent pellet ablation code [R. Samulyak at el., Nucl Fusion, 61 (4), 046007 (2021)] based on Lagrangian Particle (LP) method. The code implements the low magnetic Reynolds number MHD equations, volumetric heating by runaway electrons, an equation of state with the local thermodynamic equilibrium Saha ionization model coupled to a model for impact ionization of plasma by runaway electrons, and a model for cross-field transport that includes the internal and external connection current forces, the grad B drift and the Alfven wave drag. The study of a single fragment ablation quantifies the influence of various factors, in particular the impact ionization by runaway electrons and cross-field transport forces, on long-scale dynamics of the ablated plasma. Simulations provide data on the penetration of ablation clouds from single pellets and SPI fragments into the runaway beam and on the longitudinal dynamics of plasma.

This research has been supported by the US DOE grant SciDAC Center for Tokamak Transient Simulations.