April 4-6

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Author: Matt Landreman
Requested Type: Consider for Invited
Submitted: 2022-03-03 04:56:33

Co-authors: Stefan Buller, Antoine Cerfon, Michael Drevlak, Andrew Giuliani, Elizabeth Paul, Georg Stadler, Florian Wechsung

Contact Info:
University of Maryland
8223 Paint Branch Drive
College Park, MD   20742

Abstract Text:
While stellarators are free from disruptions and the Greenwald density limit, are intrinsically steady-state, and do not require recirculated power for current drive, confinement of energetic particles in stellarators has long been a significant concern. Quasisymmetry is a property of some stellarator magnetic fields that can resolve this confinement challenge. Using improved optimization procedures, here we present several new stellarator configurations [1] that possess quasisymmetry throughout a volume to significantly higher precision than demonstrated previously. As a result, losses of fusion-produced alpha particles can be reduced significantly below levels for previous stellarators, and neoclassical transport can be suppressed by orders of magnitude. In at least some cases, these levels of confinement can be achieved with as few as 16 modular coils. A new method is also presented for including the bootstrap current self-consistently in the optimizations.
[1] Landreman & Paul, Physical Review Letters 128, 035001 (2022)