April 4-6

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Author: Milan Holec
Requested Type: Consider for Invited
Submitted: 2022-03-04 11:25:58

Co-authors: B. Zhu, I. Joseph, C. J. Vogl, B. S. Southworth, A. Campos, A. M. Dimits, W. E. Pazner

Contact Info:
Lawrence Livermore National Lab
P.O. Box 808
Livermore, California   94551

Abstract Text:
Our work presents a drift-reduced extended magnetohydrodynamics model within the high-order temporal-spatial method framework combining generally symplectic time integration with finite element exterior calculus spatial discretization based on MFEM [1]. This method acts as the analog to quadratic invariants of differential forms in theoretical physics, where the required invariance in time and continuity in space precisely holds on discrete level. In particular, maintaining conservation laws on energy and enstrophy in the fully discrete setting is crucial for accuracy, stability and predictivity of long-time numerical simulations. The accuracy and computational efficiency of our proposed high-order temporal-spatial discretization is demonstrated when describing the edge plasma turbulence dynamics such as multiscale strain and vorticity interactions that drive the inverse and forward cascades, the energy condensation state of large scales, and the extent of co-existing inertial ranges [2].

[1] MFEM: Modular finite element methods, http://mfem.org.
[2] M. Holec, B. Zhu, I. Joseph, C. J. Vogl, B. S. Southworth, A. Campos,
A. M. Dimits, W. E. Pazner, Arbitrary order energy and enstrophy con-
serving finite element methods for 2d incompressible fluid dynamics and
drift-reduced magnetohydrodynamics (2022). arXiv:2202.13022.

This abstract corresponds to an equivalent submission to TTF and aims for the joint TTF & Sherwood session. Thank you. Milan