April 4-6

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Author: Matthew J Poulos
Requested Type: Poster
Submitted: 2022-03-04 12:54:57

Co-authors: N.Bertelli, S.Shiraiwa

Contact Info:
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
2208 Sayre Dr
Princeton, Nj   08540
United States

Abstract Text:
The sheath potentials formed near the material surfaces of plasma facing components are dramatically enhanced by the application of radio-frequency (RF) power in the ion-cyclotron and lower-hybrid frequency ranges. Results from an analytic study are presented that detail the nonlinear features that arise when RF sheath boundary conditions are self-consistently solved with the electromagnetic fields in a magnetized plasma. An instability associated with RF sheath plasma interactions is identified and shown to be closely linked with sheath plasma resonance and the occurrence of multiple solutions. Due to the presence of this instability, the resulting time evolution yields nontrivial features such as hysteresis and spontaneous symmetry breaking. In plane-stratified geometry, two analytically solvable examples are considered for the cases of an unbounded half-space and a bounded domain. These cases are extended to three-dimensional implementation, from which connections are made to the general problem with arbitrary geometry.

*work supported by US DOE Contract DE-AC02-09CH11466