Sherwood 2015


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Papers are solicited on the following topics for the International Sherwood Fusion Theory Conference:

  • Plasma Properties, Equilibrium, Stability, and Transport
  • Physics of Plasma Edge and Divertor Region
  • Plasma Production and Heating
  • Computer Simulation of Plasmas

Abstracts must be submitted via this page by Monday, January 19, 2015. Authors whose abstract is selected for an oral presentation will be notified by the program committee. Abstracts not selected for an oral presentation will be presented as a poster presentation.

Poster board size: 4 feet by 8 feet
These are free-standing poster boards.

Submitting Your Abstract

  • Abstracts must comply with the style guidelines.
  • Abstracts should be generated within a text document (e.g., Word) and pasted into the abstract text box.
  • Abstract character count is limited to 2000 characters, which includes spaces, punctuation, references, and footnotes.

Uploading Your Abstract

When your presentation title appears on the Proceedings page you may click on the title to upload your presentation file by first converting it to a pdf document, then click on "Add files".

Audiovisual (AV) Equipment

All oral sessions will be equipped with one LCD projector and a screen, a wireless microphone, and one laser pointer.

Please note that LCD projection may be subject to software and hardware problems. Presenters can become familiar with the equipment by arriving thirty minutes prior to their session. Speakers using LCD projection should bring their own laptop to ensure connectivity to the projector.

Poster presenters who wish to show electronic projection should bring their personal laptop with their presentation already uploaded, plus power cords or any proprietary cords required for their use. Small tables for laptops are complimentary and may be available upon request at each poster.  Extension cords and power strips may be available.

March 16-18, 2015
The Courant Institute, New York University