Sherwood 2015


Here is the list of abstracts and uploaded presentations.

Author Title Files Organization
Abbott, Stephen R. Nonlinear Diamagnetic Stabilization Effects on m=2, n=1 Cylindrical Double-Tearing Modes in Hall MHD Simulations [none] University of New Hampshire
Abel, Ian G Fluid-Kinetic Equations for Edge Simulations [none] Princeton Center for Theoretical Physics
Agullo, Olivier Remote generation of magnetic islands in magnetised plasmas by turbulence [none] Aix-Marseille Université
Airoldi, A. Theoretical Considerations for the High Field Line of Experiments to Investigate Fusion Burning Plasmas* 1 MIT
Bae, Cheonho An extended investigation on the gyroviscous cancellation mechanism based on a systematic perturbative method [none] National Fusion Research Institute
Bao, Jian Global particle simulation of lower hybrid wave propagation and mode conversion in tokamaks 1 Peking University
Basu, Bamandas Origin of Non-diffusive Angular Momentum Transport and Spontaneous Rotation 1 MIT
Belli, Emily A. Collisional Effects on Gyrokinetic Turbulence in Tokamak Edge Plasmas [none] General Atomics
Berkery, John W. Disruptivity Reduction Plan for NSTX-U, Including Characterization of Causes and Implementation of Kinetic Stability Theory Models [none] Columbia University
Boozer, Allen H Halo Currents and Their Rotation 1 Columbia University
Brennan, D. P. Simulations of radiation driven islands at the density limit [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Burby, Joshua W Hamiltonian formulation of the gyrokinetic Vlasov-Maxwell equations [none] PPPL
Callen, Jsmes D. Modeling Of Tokamak Plasmas 1 University of Wisconsin
Canik, John M. Simulating the effect of improved PMI models with SOLPS [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cardinali, A. Tridimensional Igniting Structures in Fusion Burning Plasmas* [none] MIT
Cerfon, Antoine Accurately calculating equilibrium quantities with any Grad-Shafranov solver 2 Courant Institute NYU
Cianciosa, Mark R Advances in 3-D Equilibrium Reconstruction using V3FIT 1 Auburn University
Cole, Andrew J. Forces and torques within layers of driven tearing modes with sheared rotation [none] Columbia University
Collart, Timothy G. Representation of Poloidal Asymmetries in Neoclassical Fluid Rotation Calculations in Axisymmetric Tokamaks 1 Georgia Institute of Technology
Cook, Carson R. Analytical theory and numerical investigation of the shear Alfvén continuum in the presence of an island 1 University of Wisconsin
Coppi, Bruno Role of Inertial and Inductive Modes in Magnetic Reconnection Events 1 MIT
Cote, Tyler B. The effect of strong radial variation of the diamagnetic frequency on two-fluid stabilization of edge localized MHD instabilities* [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Covele, Brent M. Investigating the Effects of the X-Divertor Geometry on Detachment Control and Edge Pedestal Integrity in DIII-D [none] University of Texas at Austin
Delzanno, Gian Luca Dust transport in tokamaks: beyond the Orbital-Motion-Limited theory [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dimits, Andris M. Progress On Implicit Coupling Of Fluid-Plasma And Monte-Carlo-Neutral Models For Edge Plasma Simulation 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dorf, Mikhail Simulation of edge plasma transport with the COGENT code [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Duarte, Vinicius N. Frequency chirping structures in the line-broadened quasilinear model [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Ebrahimi, Fatima Plasmoids formation during helicity injection for startup in toroidal fusion plasmas [none] Princeton University
Ellison, C Leland Incorporation of Collisional Effects in Variational Algorithms for Guiding Center Test Particle Trajectories [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Evans, Todd E. 3D Magnetic Perturbation Effects on Confinement during ELM Control Experiments 1 General Atomics
Faber, Benjamin J Nonlinear gyrokineitc simulation of long wavelength microturbulence in HSX 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ferraro, Nathaniel M. Progress in Modeling Non-Axisymmetric Response in Tokamaks [none] General Atomics
Fisch, Nathaniel J. Alpha Channeling and Current Drive with Lower Hybrid Waves [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Fisher, Dustin M. 3D Two-fluid Braginski simulations of the Large Plasma Device 1 Dartmouth College
Fitzpatrick, Richard Phase-Locking of Multi-Helicity Neoclassical Tearing Modes in Tokamak Plasmas 1 University of Texas at Austin
Francisquez, Manaure Global reduced two-fluid studies of tokamak edge turbulence [none] Dartmouth College
Freidberg, Jeff General 3-D stellarator equilibria using the surface current model [none] MIT - PSFC
Frerichs, Heinke G Three-dimensional edge plasma and neutral gas modeling with the EMC3-EIRENE code on the example of RMP application in tokamaks - status and development plans 1 University of Wisconsin - Madison, Department of E
Germaschewski, Kai Exploiting the Power of Heterogeneous Computing for Kinetic Simulations of Plasmas [none] University of New Hampshire
Glasser, Alan H. Computation of Resistive Inner Region Solutions with the DELTAC Code [none] University of Washington
Gorelenkov, Nikolai N. Numerical treatments of fast ion anisotropy and toroidal flow in plasma equilibrium problem [none] PPPL, Princeton University
Green, David L Iterative addition of kinetic effects to linear fluid simulation of radio-frequency heating. [none] ORNL
Guazzotto, Luca Extension of Physics of the MHD Pedestal Formation 1 Auburn University
Hager, Robert Total-f gyrokinetic study of bootstrap current in edge pedestal and a novel analytic formula [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Halfmoon, Michael R Energetic Ion Effects on Linear Tearing Mode Stability [none] University of Tulsa
Hameiri, Eliezer Ballooning modes for rotating accretion discs including dissipation 1 Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences - NYU
Hammett, Gregory W. Scrape-off-Layer ELM Heat Pulse Results from the Gkeyll Discontinuous Galerkin Kinetic Code 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Hansen, Chris J MHD Simulations of Plasma Dynamics in Devices With Non-Axisymmetric Boundaries [none] University of Washington
Hanson, James D The Virtual Casing Principle and Helmholtz's Theorem 1 Auburn University
Hebert, Jonathan D Investigating Ohmic Drive Onset Dynamics in CTH Using NIMROD 1 Auburn University
Hegna, C. C. On optimizing stellarators to microinstabilities: key geometric quantities [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Held, Eric Energetic particle physics in NIMROD using a continuum approach [none] Utah State University
Hirota, Makoto Theoretical description of explosive magnetic reconnection in collisionless two-fluid models 1 Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University
Holod, Ihor Stability threshold of kinetic-ballooning mode in DIII-D tokamak pedestal [none] University of California Irvine
Horton, Wendell RF Wave Propagation and Scattering in Turbulent Tokamaks 1 University of Texas, Institute for Fusion Studies
Howell, Eric C. Extended MHD Analysis of the Gravitational Interchange. 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hu, Di Revealing the meaning of the asymptotic matching across the resistive resonant layer in MHD 1 Peking University
Huang, Wenlong Theory of mode locking and island suppression by resonant magnetic perturbations in Rutherford regime 1 University of Science and Technology of China
Hudson, Stuart R A comparison of linear and nonlinear solutions of MHD equilibria in perturbed cylindrical geometry [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Ito, Atsushi Parameter dependence of two-fluid and finite Larmor radius effects on Rayleigh-Taylor and Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities in finite beta plasmas [none] National Institute for Fusion Science
Janhunen, Salomon ITG turbulence in coupled XGC1-XGCa multiscale simulations [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Janhunen, Salomon ITG turbulence in coupled XGC1-XGCa multiscale simulations [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Jardin, Stephen C Self-organized stationary states of inductively driven tokamaks [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Jenkins, Thomas G. NIMROD Modeling of Sawtooth Modes Using Continuum and Hot-Particle Closures 1 Tech-X Corporation
Jung, Young-Dae Plasma shielding effects on anti-screening channels for ion-ion collisional excitations in nonthermal plasmas 1 Hanyang University
Keramidas Charidakos, Ioannis A Hamiltonian Five Field Gyrofluid Model [none] University of Texas at Austin, Institute for Fusio
Khan, Shabbir A. Kinetic full wave analysis of resonant absorption of electromagnetic waves in inhomogeneous plasmas 1 Kyoto University
King, Jacob R New Extended-MHD drift-tearing mode dispersion relations: implications and a tool for code verification 1 Tech-X Corporation
Krasheninnikov, Sergei On the vapor shielding of divertor target [none] University California San Diego
Krebs, Isabel Simulations of sawtooth instabilities in ASDEX Upgrade using the 3D nonlinear two-fluid MHD code M3D-C1 [none] Max-Planck/Princeton Center for Plasma Physics
Krishna Swamy, Aditya Gyrokinetic Global Linear Aspects of Microtearing Modes in Large Aspect Ratio Tokamaks 1 Institute for Plasma Research
Kruger, Scott E Edge harmonic oscillation studies with the NIMROD code [none] Tech-X Corporation
Kuley, Animesh Fully kinetic particle simulation of radio frequency waves in toroidal geometry [none] UC Irvine
Lai, Po-Yen Computational and theoretical study of discrete particle effect in a one-dimensional plasma based on Krook collisions - in honor of Norman Rostoker [none]
Landreman, Matt Universal instability, non-modal amplification, and subcritical turbulence [none] University of Maryland
Lang, Jianying Verification of gyrokinetic-fluid hybrid electromagnetic modes in the total-f gyrokinetic code XGC1 [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Lau, Calvin K Electrostatic Driftwave Instabilities in Field Reversed Configurations [none] University of California, Irvine
Lazerson, Samuel A. The nonlinear plasma response in the continuously nested flux surface limit [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Lee, Myoung-Jae Geometric effects on the dust-acoustic surface waves in a Lorentzian dusty plasma slab 1 Hanyang University
Lee, Wonjae Stability Analysis on Electromagnetic Drift-Kinetic Equation for Arbitrarily Collisional Plasma Blobs [none] University of California, San Diego
Lee, W. W. Issues Related to Finite-β Gyrokinetics: 1) MHD and Equilibrium, and 2) Singularly Perturbed Equation [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratroy
Lee, Jungpyo The effect of strong toroidal flow shear on MHD equilibrium in a tokamak [none] NYU CIMS
Li, Meng Modeling of Continuum Absorption of Alfvenic Modes in a Torus 1 Institute for Fusion Studies, The University of Te
Li, Bo Self-consistent simulation of plasma edge turbulence in L-mode [none] Peking University
Liu, Chang Runaway electron distribution functions in momentum space with the synchrotron radiation effect 2 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Loizu, Joaquim Computation of singular currents at rational surfaces in non-axisymmetric MHD equilibria 1 Max-Planck-Princeton Center for Plasma Physics
Lu, Zhixin Effects of q-profile structure on intrinsic torque reversals [none] University of California at San Diego
Lyons, Brendan C. Progress on and plans for DK4D: a time-dependent, axisymmetric drift-kinetic equation solver [none] Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Ma, Jingfei The Characteristics of the micro-turbulence in the pedestal region during the inter-ELM phase on DIII-D [none] University of Texas as Austin
Mahajan, Swadesh M Plasmas as Quantum Fluids - A Nonlinear Effective Quantum theory of Fluidons [none] University of Texas at Austin
Martins, Caroline G.L. Helicity Injection Modeling for Steady State Toroidal Plasmas 1 Institute for Fusion Studies - University of Texas
Mauel, Mike E. Toroidal Confinement without Parallel Current: Interchange and Entropy Modes in a Warm Electron Dipole Plasma 1 Columbia University
McClenaghan, Joseph T Gyrokinetic particle simulation of current-driven instabilities in fusion plasmas [none] UC Irvine
Mirnov, Vladimir Effect of magnetic shear on drift-tearing and resistive drift modes in plasma slab 1 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Momo, Barbara Spectral properties of VMEC equilibria 1 Consorzio RFX
Montag, Peter Recently Observed Features of the Quasi-Coherent Mode and Relevant Theory 1 MIT
Moradi, Sara Global vs local gyro-kinetic studies of core micro-instabilities in JET hybrid discharges with ITER like wall [none] Ecole Polytechnique, CNRS UMR7648, LPP, F-91128, P
Moradi, Sara Global vs local gyro-kinetic studies of core micro-instabilities in JET hybrid discharges with ITER like wall [none] Ecole Polytechnique, CNRS UMR7648, LPP, F-91128, P
Morrison, P. J. MHD Stability and Constraints [none] The University of Texas at Austin
Muraglia, Magali Interchange turbulence driven NTM [none] Aix-Marseille Université
O'Bryan, John B Numerical Investigation of Spheromak Formation Efficiency [none] University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Orlov, Dmitri M. Numerical Modeling of RMP ELM Suppression with Incomplete I-coil set in DIII-D [none] University of California San Diego
Ottaviani, Maurizio A. The flux coordinates independent (FCI) approach to plasma turbulence simulations 2 CEA IRFM
Ottaviani, Maurizio A. Applications of asymptotic-preserving (AP) methods to plasma dynamics simulations at realistic dimensionless parameters 2 CEA IRFM
Pankin, Alexei Y Understanding the Dynamics of H-mode Pedestal and ELMs in KSTAR Through Extended Plasma Edge Modeling 2 Tech-X Corporation
Proll, Josefine H.E. TEM turbulence in stellarators - its simulation and its optimization 1 Max-Planck/Princeton Center for Plasma Physics
Rafiq, Tariq Statistical Properties of XGC1 ITG Turbulence Data [none] Lehigh University
Ram, Abhay K. Scattering of radio frequency waves by density filaments and fluctuations 1 Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT
Ramos, Jesus J. Axisymmetric Neoclassical Theory for Low-Collisionality Ions to their Second Larmor-Radius Order 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rhodes, Dov J. Sharp-Boundary Non-Ideal Plasma Response Model with a Ferritic-Resistive Wall [none] Columbia University
Roberds, Nicholas A Simulation of a Disruption Using NIMROD 1 Auburn University
Ryutov, Dmitri D Divertor theory: plasma transport in complex geometries 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Ryutov, Dmitri D Analysing divertor magnetic fields with multiple nulls [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Sanchez, Raul Investigation of kinetic dynamos driven by non-Gaussian, non-Markovian velocity fluctuations using meshless, Lagrangian numerical schemes 1 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, SPAIN
Sauppe, Joshua P. Accounting of Magnetic, Cross, and Kinetic Helicities in Nonlinear Two-Fluid Relaxation Simulations 2 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Schekochihin, Alexander Phase mixing vs. turbulence in a drift-kinetic plasma [none] University of Oxford
Sengupta, Wrick Closed set of full-f low flow ordered drift kinetic equations to study evolution of profiles [none] University of Maryland College Park
Sharma, R. P. Kinetic Alfven wave turbulence in intermediate beta plasmas [none] Indian institute of Technology, delhi
Shi, Eric L Recent Results from the Gkeyll Discontinuous Galerkin Kinetic Code 1 Princeton University
Shivamoggi, Bhimsen K Electron Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence: Universal [none] University of Central Florida
Skiff, Fred Parametric excitation of kinetic modes [none] University of Iowa
Smirnov, Roman D. Impurity induced divertor plasma oscillations 1 UCSD
Smithe, David N. Towards Simulations with Self-Consistent SOL Density Evolution when RF Antennas are Powered [none] Tech-X Corporation
Sovinec, C. R. Axisymmetric Vertical-Displacement Event Modeling with NIMROD* [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Stacey, Weston M A Flow Stress-Tensor Formulation of Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity 1 Georgia Tech
Stahl, Adam Effective critical electric field for runaway electron generation [none] Chalmers University of Technology
Startsev, Edward A. Gyrokinetic simulation of the collisional micro-tearing mode instability [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Strauss, H. R. Wall force and toroidal rotation in disruptions [none] HRS Fusion
Sugiyama, Linda E. Role of mode coupling in instabilities of a toroidal plasma* 1 M.I.T., Laboratory for Nuclear Science
Tang, Tengfei Impact of density on the ion diamagnetic stabilizations of edge Peeling–Ballooning modes 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Tang, Xianzhu The plasma physics of particle and energy exhaust in a fusion device 1 Los Alamos National Laboratory
Teng, Qian Magnetic Island Saturation in Different MHD Equilibria 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Tronci, Cesare Hybrid Vlasov-MHD models [none] University of Surrey
Turnbull, Alan D. External Kink Mode in Diverted Tokamaks [none] General Atomics
Waelbroeck, Francois L Nonlinear theory of Alfven resonances [none] Inst. Fusion Studies, Univ. Texas Austin
Waltz, Ronald E. Exploring low-n gyrokinetic simulations 1 General Atomics
Wang, Feng Fishbone instability and nonlinear dynamics in HL-2A plasmas 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Wang, Weixing Distinct turbulence sources and confinement feature in spherical tokamak plasma regime [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Weitzner, Harold Ideal MHD non-symmetric toroidal equilibria with good flux surfaces [none] New York University
White, Roscoe B. Thermal island destabilization and the Greenwald limit 2 Princeton University
White, Ryan L Resistive Instabilities with Equilibrium Rotation and Velocity Shear [none] University of Texas at Austin
Wilkie, George J. Efficient calculation of impurity transport and an improved slowing-down distribution for alpha particles [none] University of Maryland
Wright, John C. Coupling an ICRF core spectral solver to and edge FEM code [none] MIT
Wurm, Alexander Deriving 3D-MHD models with gyroviscous-like contributions using a Hamiltonian and Action Principle Approach [none] Western New England University
Xie, Hua-sheng Non-conventional Ballooning Structures for Linear Drift Wave Eigenmode in the Pedestal 1 Institute for Fusion Theory and Simulation, Zhejia
Xie, T. The ballooning theory with weak up-down asymmetric mode structure and its numerical verification*†‡ [none] University of Science and Technology of China
Xishuo, Wei Integration of full particle orbit in electricmagnetic field [none] Institute for Fusion Theory and Simulation, Zhejia
Zaho, Anji Huygens' principle-based wavefront tracing in non-uniform media 1 Columbia University
ZHANG, Wenlu Validation OF Energetic-Particle Turbulent Transport In DIII-D Experiment 1 Institute of Physcis, Chinese Academy of Science
ZHANG, Wenlu Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation of Fast Electron Driven beta-induced Alfvén Eigenmode 1 Institute of Physcis, Chinese Academy of Science
Zhang, Huasen Gyrokinetic particle simulation of beta-induced Alfv¨¦n-acoustic eigenmode 1 Peking University
Zheng, Linjin Free boundary ion temperature gradient mode theory and the nonneutral effects 1 Institute for Fusion Studies
Zhou, Yao Variational integration for ideal MHD: implementation and preliminary results [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Zhu, Ben Nonlinear Stabilization of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in Magnetized Plasma [none] Dartmouth College
March 16-18, 2015
The Courant Institute, New York University