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approvedabstract_ebae.pdf2015-01-18 15:27:25Wenlu ZHANG

Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation of Fast Electron Driven beta-induced Alfvén Eigenmode

Author: Wenlu ZHANG
Requested Type: Consider for Invited
Submitted: 2015-01-18 15:26:33

Co-authors: Junyi CHENG, Yang CHEN, Zhihong LIN

Contact Info:
Institute of Physcis, Chinese Academy of Science
8 South 3rd Street, Zhongguanc
Beijing, Beijing   100190

Abstract Text:
A verification and validation study is carried out for a sequence of fast-electron driven beta-induced Alfven eigenmode (e-BAE) in HL-2A tokamak plasma. The fast electron driven beta Alfvén eigenmode (e-BAE) in toroidal plasmas is investigated for the first time using global gyrokinetic particle simulations, where the fast electrons are described by the drift kinetic model. The phase space structure shows that only the processional resonance is responsible for the e-BAE excitations while fast-ion driven BAE can be excited through all the channels such as transit, drift-bounce, and processional resonance. Radial symmetry breaking around the rational surface is observed as expected due to the non-perturbative effects in the kinetic simulations, and the poloidal mode structure shows a different rotation direction for e-BAE and i-BAE simulations, this is due to the different direction of toroidal procession in the e-BAE and i-BAE excitations.


March 16-18, 2015
The Courant Institute, New York University