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Plasmas as Quantum Fluids - A Nonlinear Effective Quantum theory of Fluidons

Author: Swadesh M Mahajan
Requested Type: Consider for Invited
Submitted: 2015-01-18 17:18:46

Co-authors: Felipe Asenjo

Contact Info:
University of Texas at Austin
13137 Bayfield Drive
Austin, Texas   78727

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It is shown that a hot relativistic plasma could be viewed as a collection of self-interacting quantum objects. These objects, to be called Fluidons, obey a nonlinear equation, which is a modification of the quantum equation obeyed by elementary constituents of the fluid. A uniform phenomenological prescription, to affect the quantum transition from a corresponding classical system, is invoked to derive the nonlinear Schr ̈odinger, Klein–Gordon, Pauli–Schr ̈odinger, and Feynman Gell-Mann equations1. The exact form of the nonlinearity depends on the thermodynamics of the fluid. To illustrate the power and new content of the formalism, a variety of simple problems are worked out: the “fluidon” dispersion relation, for example, fully displays the thermal contributions. Solitonic solutions for ordinary matter as well as exotic matter are obtained. It is expected that the hypothesized (assumed) nonlinear quantum mechanics would advance, in a fundamental way, both the conceptual understanding and computational abilities, particularly, in the field of extremely high energy-density physics needed, for instance, to understand high power Laser fusion experiments.
1. Swadesh M Mahajan and Felipe Asenjo, Int J Theor Phys, DOI10.1007/s10773-014-2341-0

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March 16-18, 2015
The Courant Institute, New York University