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Closed set of full-f low flow ordered drift kinetic equations to study evolution of profiles

Author: Wrick Sengupta
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Submitted: 2015-01-19 14:33:54

Co-authors: A.B.Hassam, ,T.M. Antonsen

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University of Maryland College Park
3412 Tulane drive

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We develop a system of low frequency drift-kinetic and Maxwell equations applicable for the tokamak edge and allowing full profile evolution. The system steps the full-f, is nonlinear,of arbitrary cross-section, with ExB flow of order the diamagnetic flow. Time variations are ordered as second order in the small gyro-radius expansion. Thus, the system is sub-Alfvenic but of order sonic and drift frequencies. Electromagnetic potentials are stepped consistent with the low frequency ordering. As part of the calculation, we shall also present a simpler fluid system of equations which constitutes reduced equations analogous to the Strauss equations but in the low-beta, sub-Alfvenic, drift-sonic regime. We show that the terms in the asymptotic expansion underlying this system represent a closed system. In the large aspect ratio limit, we use this system to illustrate the linear physics. The linearized equations show the coupling of Mercier modes, drift waves, sound waves, GAMs, and the Rosenbluth-Hinton zonal flows.

Work supported by DOE.


March 16-18, 2015
The Courant Institute, New York University