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approved2015paperabstract2.pdf2015-01-15 13:10:29Bruno Coppi

Role of Inertial and Inductive Modes in Magnetic Reconnection Events

Author: Bruno Coppi
Requested Type: Consider for Invited
Submitted: 2015-01-15 13:07:04

Co-authors: B.Basu, P,Montag

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77 Massachusetts Ave, Bldg. 26
Cambridge, MA   02139

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Recently, an accurate analysis of the database of magnetic island rotation performed with the JET machine [1] has revealed that, in the frame of zero radial electric field, the island rotation frequency is about 〖0.9ω〗_di, where ω_di is the ion diamagnetic frequency. The drift-tearing mode theory of reconnection in low collisionality regimes predicts a phase velocity in the opposite direction [2] and, under strictly collisionless conditions, stability in the presence of electron temperature gradients [3]. To explain the observations, a “mode inductivity” L_(||)≡(4π⁄c^2 )S_L has been introduced [4] whose effects replace those of finite resistivity. This has led to a linear instability [5] with ω close to ω_di. The reconnection layer thickness is proportional to the inductivity [4] and the mode has a dissipative growth rate. When considering plasmas with ultrarelativistic energies, the inertial skin depth c⁄ω_pe becomes significant. However, if c^2⁄(ω_pe^2 ) is the only contribution to S_L, the class of reconnecting modes that must be considered are those close to ideal MHD marginal stability [6]. In this case the width of the reconnection layer is of the order of the inertial skin depth and can be considered as relevant to realistic theories.

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[6] B. Coppi, R. Galvao, R. Pellat, M. Rosenbluth, and P. Rutherford, Fiz. Plazmy 2, (1976) 961 [Sov. J. Plasma Phys. 2, (1976) 533].


March 16-18, 2015
The Courant Institute, New York University