April 15-17


Here is the list of abstracts and uploaded presentations.

Author Title Files Organization
Rafiq, Tariq Microtearing Modes in Low Collisionality NSTX Discharges* [none] Lehigh University
Abel, Ian G On the Forced Motion of Field Lines in a Resistive Plasma [none] University of Maryland
Adair, Brett L. A Collocation Approach for Collisional Effects in Drift Kinetics* [none] Utah State University
Akcay, Cihan Nonlinear simulations of locking for finite β and favorable average curvature 1 Tibbar Plasma Technologies Incorporated
Bao, Jian Nonlinear saturation of toroidal Alfven eigenmode by zonal fields in DIII-D plasmas 1 University of California Irvine
Barnes, Daniel C Evolving background delta-f method 1 Coronado Consulting
Barnes, Michael Stellarator micro-stability at low collisionalities [none] University of Oxford
Barnett, Rhea L A 1D coupled RF / transport model for ponderomotive density modification of the SOL near high power RF actuators.* [none] University of Newcastle and Oak Ridge National Lab
Basu, Bamandas Novel Mode-Particle Resonances for Ballooning Modes in Fusion Reacting Plasmas* 1 MIT
Bechtel, Torrin A High-beta Stellarator Equilibrium with Finite Parallel Transport [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Beeke, Oliver Effect of shaping on turbulent transport in JT-60SA [none] University of Oxford
Belova, Elena V Simulation study of energetic ion confinement in FRC [none] PPPL
Bender, Carl M. PT symmetry: Physics in the complex domain [none] Washington University in St. Louis
Bernard, Tess N. Gyrokinetic continuum simulations of plasma turbulence in the Texas Helimak [none] Univ of Texas, Austin
Boozer, Allen H Fast Magnetic Reconnection and the Ideal Evolution of a Magnetic Field 1 Columbia University
Brennan, Dylan P. Rotation and beta dependence of numerical two fluid layer stability limits in tokamaks 1 Princeton University / PPPL
Brizard, Alain J Symplectic gyrokinetic Vlasov-Maxwell theory [none] Saint Michael's College
Brochard, Guillaume R. Linear and non-linear study of the n = m = 1 alpha particles induced fishbone MHD mode 1 CEA Cadarache, IRFM
Bunkers, Kyle J. Investigation of the Effects of the Magnetic Presheath and Braginskii Thermal Conduction on VDEs* [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Burby, Joshua W Loop space integrator for guiding center simulations [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Camilo de Souza, Fabio Kinetic Effects on Adiabatic Index via Geodesic Acoustic Continuum Calculations [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, USA / Univers
Campanell, Michael D Cooling the Target Plasma to a Sub-eV Detachment Temperature Using Thermionic Electrons [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Cardinali, A Maxwell Equations and Helmholtz Decomposition Theorem for high frequency wave in magnetized plasmas [none] ENEA CR Frascati
Chacon, Luis Moment-accelerated, Fully Implicit, Conservative, Electromagnetic Multidimensional Particle-In-Cell Algorithms on Curvilinear Meshes with Realistic Boundaries [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Chen, Yang Nonlinear damping of Reverse Shear Alfven Eigenmodes induced by electron streaming along the perturbed field line 1 University of Colorado at Boulder
Chen, Guangye A machine-learning checkpoint/restart algorithm for particle-in-cell simulations [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Cheng, C. Z. Theory of Alfven-Sound Frequency Gaps and Discovery of Alfven-Sound Eigenmodes in Tokamaks [none] Lehigh University
Christen, Nicolas Simulating background toroidal flow shear with the local gyrokinetic code GS2 [none] University of Oxford
Cianciosa, M Performance Optimization and GPU Implementation of KORC [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Clauser, Cesar F. Simulations of Vertical Displacement Events in ITER using the M3DC1 code [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Cole, Michael D Global simulations of ion temperature gradient driven modes in Wendelstein 7-X with the gyrokinetic code XGC [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Coppi, Bruno Magneto-thermal Reconnection Processes and Tridimensional Ignition* 1 MIT
Cornille, Brian S A Comparison of Galerkin and First Order System Least Squares Finite Element Formulations of Electron Magnetohydrodynamics [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cote, Tyler B Using PB3D to model peeling-ballooning stability in 3D pedestals [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Daniel, Don A fully implicit, 0D2P, scalable, nonlinear, conservative, relativistic, Fokker-Planck solver for runaway electrons [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
De Pascuale, Sebastian Leveraging Reduced-Order Models of Simulation Data [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
del-Castillo-Negrete, Diego Gyro-averaged effects on ExB weak turbulence transport [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
DENG, GUOZHONG Experimental and modeling study of divertor particle flux width on EAST 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
DEWAR, Robert L. Variational Formulations of Relaxed Fluid Dynamics and Relaxed MHD with time-varying boundaries [none] The Australian National University
Dimits, Andris Including RF Antenna Effects in Scrape-Off-Layer-Turbulence Simulations 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Dodin, Ilya Y. Mode-converting wave beams can be simulated without full-wave codes [none] PPPL
Dominski, Julien Large amplitude high-Z impurity asymmetries in total-f neoclassical gyrokinetic simulations with XGCa [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
DONG, GE Nonlinear dynamics of the Kinetic Ballooning Modes [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Dorf, Mikhail Testing and plans for the 5D continuum gyrokinetic code COGENT [none] LLNL
Duarte, Vinicius N Verifying reduced quasilinear models for fast ion relaxation  [none] PPPL
Ebrahimi, Fatima 3-D reconnecting current-sheet instability during transient events in tokamaks [none] PPPL-Princeton University
Engel, Alexander G. Applying Quantum Computation to Classical Plasma Simulation [none] University of Colorado
Ernst, Darin R New Mechanisms for Improved Confinement with Isotopic Mass 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Faber, Benjamin J RoleRole of geometry on nonlinear energy transfer in optimized stellarators [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Faelli, Gilberto Renovatio Memoriae and Damnation Memoriae: Signs of Solid Standing of the Compact High Field Machine Approach for Fusion* 1 CNR (Italy)
Fan, Peifeng General field theory and weak Euler-Lagrange equation for classical particle-field systems in plasma physics 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Fan, Xiang Spontaneous Transport Barriers Quench Turbulent Resistivity in 2D MHD [none] UCSD
Ferraro, Nate M Simulations of Fast Thermal Quench Using Two-Temperature Model [none] PPPL
Finn, John M. Degenerate variational integrators with improved accuracy [none] Tibbar Plasma Technologies, LLC
Fitzpatrick, Richard Two-Fluid Nonlinear Theory of Response of Tokamak Plasma to Resonant Magnetic Perturbation [none] IFS, University of Texas at Austin
Fontanilla, Adrian K Heating and Ablation of High-Z Pellets in High-Temperature Plasmas [none] University of Texas at Austin
Francisquez, Manaure Nonlinear model-Fokker-Planck collisions in full-f discontinuous Galerkin kinetics 1 MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center
Fraser, Adrian E. Role of Stable Modes in the Saturation and Transport Properties of Shear Flow Turbulence [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Garcia, Jeronimo New theoretical insights on the role of ion isotope on transport and turbulence [none] CEA
Garland, Nathan A The influence of toroidicity and partially ionized atomic impurities on runaway electron avalanche in tokamak plasmas 1 Los Alamos National Laboratory
Gatto, Renato Fusion Burning in Magnetically Confined Toroidal Plasmas* 1 Uniroma1 (Italy)
Gaur, Rahul Gyrokinetic and Ballooning analysis of high beta ITER equilibria [none] IREAP, University of Maryland
Geraldini, Alessandro Kinetic model of grazing-angle magnetic presheaths [none] University of Maryland, College Park
Gianesini Odu, Andre High-Order Accurate Minimally-Dissipative Conservative Finite Difference Methods for 2D+2V Vlasov Simulation [none] Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Glasser, Alan H. Resistive Tearing Layer Matching Conditions, Revisited 1 FTCI
Glasser, Alexander S. Toward plasma simulations with exact conservation of energy, momentum and charge [none] Princeton University
Gorelenkov, Nikolai N. Nonperturbative simulations of fishbone and kink mode instabilities in ITER [none] PPPL, Princeton University
Grafov, Anna Chaotic transitions in the ITG-zonal flow system [none] University of Maryland
Green, David L An Adaptive Sparse Grid Discretization for High Dimensional Advection Diffusion Problems [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Guazzotto, Luca Effect of Two-Fluid Equilibrium Flow on Tearing Linear Stability 1 Auburn University
Gupta, U. Numerical Investigation of Quasi-Single Helicity in RFPs with the NIMROD Code* [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Guttenfelder, Walter Predictions of electron scale pedestal turbulence in DIII-D ELMy H-modes [none] PPPL
Hager, Robert Understanding the RMP-driven density and heat transport in tokamak edge plasma from advanced coupled gyrokinetic-MHD study with XGC and M3D-C1 [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Hakim, Ammar H (Gyro)kinetic simulations of turbulence, shocks and sheaths [none] PPPL
Halpern, Federico D The anti-symmetry approach to plasma fluid simulations [none] General Atomics
Hammett, Gregory W Gyrokinetic turbulence simulations of an NSTX SOL with model geometry, and exponential reconstructions and positivity for discontinuous Galerkin algorithms [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Hansen, Chris Reconstruction of plasma equilibrium and eddy current induced error fields in the Lithium Tokamak eXperiment-β [none] University of Washington
Hardman, Michael R. Cross Scale Interaction Mechanisms in Coupled Electron and Ion Scale Turbulence [none] University of Oxford
Hassam, Adil Multiscale structures and noise in magnetized plasmas line-tied at conducting surfaces [none] Univ of Maryland
Hatch, David R Understanding pedestal transport via combined gyrokinetic and edge modeling: the FY19 Theory Performance Target [none] University of Texas at Austin
Hegna, C C Progress in Turbulent Transport Optimization in Stellarators [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Heninger, Jeffrey Using the G-Transform to Gain Nonlocal Information about the Distribution Function [none] University of Texas at Austin
Herrmann, Mark C Creating, Diagnosing, and Controlling High Energy Density Plasmas on the National Ignition Facility [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Hideaki, Miura Ambient-field-dependence of diamagnetic flow interacting with CITM [none] National Institute for Fusion Science
Horton, Wendell RFC Confinement With and Without Toroidal Magnetic Field [none] University of Texas at Austin
Howell, Eric C NIMROD Modeling of RMP Footprint Structures in DIII-D [none] Tech-X Corporation
Ivanov, Plamen G. Zonal flow – drift-wave interactions in two-dimensional curvature-driven fluid ITG turbulence [none] University of Oxford
Jardin, Stephen C. A New Explanation of Sawtooth Phenomena in Tokamaks [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Jenkins, Thomas G Comparing PIC and fluid models of RF sheath physics [none] Tech-X Corporation
Jepson, Joseph R NIMROD Modeling of Poloidal Flow Damping in a Tokamak Using a Drift Kinetic Equation Closure Scheme [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jorge, Rogerio Theory of the Drift-Wave Instability at Arbitrary Collisionality 1 SPC, EPFL, and IREAP, University of Maryland
Juno, James L. Turbulent Dissipation in a Simple Vlasov system 1 University of Maryland College Park
Khodak, Andrei E. Simulations of plasma interactions with liquid metal plasma facing components [none] PPPL
King, Jacob R Development of an impurity model for MHD simulations [none] Tech-X Corp
Kotschenreuther, Mike Regimes of weak ITG/TEM modes for transport barriers without velocity shear in low rho* plasmas [none] University of Texas
Kramer, Gerrit J. Enhanced radial energy transport induced by radially Curved Alfven Eigenmode wavefronts [none] PPPL
Kumar, Arunav Stability Analysis of MultiRegion Relaxed MHD (MRxMHD) in the Cylindrical Geometry [none] the Australian National University
Kuzichev, Ilya PIC simulations of magnetospheric chorus wave generation with 2D TRISTAN-MP code [none] New Jersey Insitute of Technology
Landreman, Matt Optimized stellarators without optimization: Direct construction of stellarator shapes with good confinement [none] University of Maryland
Langone, Dylan Ideal ballooning and gyrokinetic stability of an ultra-high beta equilibrium with the ITER shape [none] University of Maryland
Lau, Cornwall H Full wave modeling of SOL density fluctuations effects on LH and helicon waves [none] ORNL
Lau, Cornwall H Full wave modeling of SOL density fluctuations effects on LH and helicon waves [none] ORNL
Lee, W. W. Force Free State for Tokamak Plasmas 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Lee, Hankyu Q. Advanced parallel closures using general moment equations for NIMROD simulations [none] Utah State Univ
Lestz, Jeff Comprehensive analytical and numerical study of beam-driven sub-cyclotron frequency Alfvén eigenmodes in spherical tokamaks 2 Princeton University
Liu, Zhaoyang On deterministic nature of intermittent geodesic acoustic mode observed in tokamaks 1 University of Science and Technology of China
Liu, Kehfei Accelerator Based Fusion Reactor [none] University of Kentucky
Liu, Chang Quasilinear analysis of wave-particle integration for sub-cyclotron resonance [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Liu, Pengfei Simulation models using fully kinetic ions and massless fluid electrons [none] University of California, Irvine
Lopez, Omar E External kink modes and resistive wall modes in the presence of a diffuse toroidal angular velocity profile [none] Auburn University
Lyons, Brendan C Nonlinear impurity-MHD modeling of disruption mitigation [none] General Atomics
Ma, Chenhao Development of electromagnetic capability of GTS [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Maddox, Jacob A Energy Transfer through plasmoid reconnection in slab-geometry resistive MHD computations [none] UW Madison
Mahajan, Swadesh M The Unified Relativistic Electro-Vortical Field - Revisiting Magneto-Genesis, Reconnection, Relativistic Waves [none] University of Texas at Austin
Malhotra, Dhairya BIEST: A fast high-order boundary integral solver for computing stepped pressure equilibria in stellarators [none] Courant Institute NYU
Mandell, Noah R Electromagnetic Continuum Gyrokinetic Turbulence Simulations in the Tokamak Edge 1 PPPL
Manheimer, Wallace Fusion Breeding and the Scientific Prototype [none] Retired from NRL
Martin, Mike F Temperature Screening of Impurities in Stellarators and Tokamaks Deviating From Symmetry [none] University of Maryland
McDevitt, Chris J Runaway Generation in Tokamak Plasmas for Large Disruption Relevant Electric Fields [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Miura, Hideaki Current/Interchange Tearing Modes with Hall and FLR across SX into the SOL Plasma [none] University of Texas at Austin
Morrison, P. J. Lagrangian and Dirac Constraints for the Ideal Incompressible Fluid and Magnetofluid [none] University of Texas at Austin
Mukherjee, Rupak Numerical study of 3D MagnetoHydroDynamics : nonlinear Alfven waves and recurrences 1 Institute for Plasma Research, HBNI
Myrick, Colin D Exact solutions and finite-time singularities of a four-field model In 2D dissipationless Hall magnetohydrodynamics [none] Saint Michael's College
Nastac, Michael Fluctuation-Dissipation Relations and Free Energy Spectra in Hermite-Laguerre Gyrokinetic Phase Space [none] University of Maryland, College Park
Necas, Ales Integrated Modeling of Stability and Transport of FRC Plasmas [none] TAE Technologies
Nishimura, Yasutaro Computational studies of diverted positive and negative triangularity tokamaks [none] National Cheng Kung Univ, Univ of Texas at Austin
Oliver, Henry J C Modification of the Alfvén spectrum by pellet injection [none] University of Texas at Austin
Pan, Qingjiang Gyrokinetic exact linearized Landau collision operator: conservative formulation and initial implementation 1 Plasma science and fusion center, MIT
Parisi, Jason Toroidal and slab ETG dominance in JET pedestals [none] University of Oxford
Parker, Scott E Plasma Theory Connections to Quantum Information Science 1 University of Colorado, Boulder
Parker, Jeff B. Self-consistent coupling of transport with global gyrokinetic turbulence simulations [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Paul, Elizabeth J Adjoint methods for efficient stellarator optimization and sensitivity analysis [none] University of Maryland, College Park
Petrov, Yuri V. Runaway Electron Dynamics Modelled with the CQL3D Fokker-Planck Solver, Including Radial Transport and Ampere-Faraday Equation [none] CompX
Poli, Francesca M The challenges of integrated modeling for discharge prediction and the path to a national effort to Whole Device Model [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Powis, Andrew T. Scaling of Spoke Rotation Frequency within a Penning Discharge [none] Princeton University
Qi, Di A flux balanced Hasegawa-Wakatani model for collisional plasma edge turbulence [none] Courant Institute NYU
Qin, Hong Drift wave instabilities as triggered by spontaneous parity-time symmetry breaking [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton Uni
Qin, Hong Drift wave instabilities as triggered by spontaneous parity-time symmetry breaking [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton Uni
Qin, Hong Drift wave instabilities as triggered by spontaneous parity-time symmetry breaking [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton Uni
Qin, Hong Drift wave instabilities as triggered by spontaneous parity-time symmetry breaking [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton Uni
Qin, Hong Drift wave instabilities as triggered by spontaneous parity-time symmetry breaking [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton Uni
Qu, Zhisong Multiregion Relaxed MHD (MRxMHD) with flow [none] the Australian National University
Ram, Abhay K. Electron cyclotron current drive by high intensity, pulsed, Gaussian beams [none] M.I.T.
Reiman, Allan H. Suppression of Tearing Modes by RF Current Condensation 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Reksoatmodjo, Richard Numerical SOLPS-ITER study of the effect of fueling on ionization and neutral density profiles in EDA H-modes on Alcator C-Mod [none] College of William and Mary
Ren, Haijun Electromagnetic effect on geodesic acoustic mode with adiabatic electrons [none] University of Science and Technology of China
Ricci, Valeria Mode-particle Interactions as Sources of Gamma-ray Bubbles in the Galaxy* 1 Università di Palermo (Italy)
Ricketson, Lee F. An energy-conserving and asymptotic-preserving time integrator for multiscale implicit PIC simulation of magnetized plasmas [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Rodriguez, Eduardo Hysteresis phenomena in improved magnetic island RF heating [none] Princeton University PPPL
Sanchez-Vizuet, Tonatiuh An un-fitted adaptive hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin solver for axisymmetric plasma equilibrium [none] Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Schekochihin, Alexander Gyrokinetics of thermalisation of turbulent energy in astrophysical plasmas: a fusion-astro synergy success story 1 University of Oxford
Sengupta, Wrick Non-analytic behavior of vacuum and equilibrium magnetic fields with surfaces near the magnetic axis [none] Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Si, Hang Advanced Divertor Design and Study: from present EAST/DIII-D to future tokamak device CFETR 1 Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sci
Skoutnev, Valentin Application of Gkeyll to laser-driven plasmas and astrophysical scenarios: Saturation of Weibel-type instabilities [none] Princeton University
Smiet, Christopher B Mapping the sawtooth [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Smolyakov, Andrei On magnetic component of Geodesic Acoustic Modes [none] University of Saskatchewan
Soto-Chavez, Rualdo The Drift-Mirror Plasma Instability in Earth's inner Magnetosphere 1 New Jersey Institute of Technology
Sovinec, C. R. Design and Development for a Stellarator Macroscopic Dynamics Code* [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Spencer, J. Andrew Implementation of continuum kinetics to parallel heat transport [none] Utah State University
Spigler, Renato High Energy Particle Produced by Ballooning Modes Driven by the Modulated Gravitational Field of Collapsing Binaries* 1 CNR (Italy)
St-Onge, Denis Investigating the Spectral Transfer of Free Energy in the Dimits Shift 1 PPPL
Stoltzfus-Dueck, Timothy J A General Transport-Oriented Formulation of Orbit Loss 1 PPPL
Strauss, Henry JET wall force and thermal quench in experiment and simulations [none] HRS Fusion
Sugiyama, Linda E. The Quasi-Interchange Sawtooth Crash [none] MIT
Swanson, Charles P Fermi Acceleration in Magnetic Mirrors Enabled by Magnetic Moment Mobility [none] Princeton Statellite Systems
Tang, Xianzhu Constraints and options in runaway avoidance by impurity injection and runaway energy control via fast wave injection [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Tang, Qi Finite element schemes for reduced resistive MHD [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Taylor, Trevor V A comparison of NIMROD's continuum and delta-f PIC approaches to energetic particle physics [none] Utah State University
Taylor, Joe High-order integrators for gyrokinetic applications [none] University of Maryland
TenBarge, Jason M A Fully Kinetic Numerical Study of Turbulence in the Swarthmore Spheromak Experiment [none] Princeton University
Turnbull, Alan D Ideal MHD, Damping, Drive, and Poynting Flux [none] General Atomics Inc.
Vahala, Linda Unitary Qubit Lattice Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Vortex Solitons in Hyperbolic Self-Defocusing Nonlinear Media [none] Old Dominion University
Vahala, George Unitary Qubit Lattice Algorithms for PT-symmetric Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations: breathers, solitons, and rogue waves [none] WIlliam & Mary
Wang, Yahui Perturbative radiative damping of RSAEs in NOVA-K code 2 Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
WANG, HONGYU GTC simulation of drift wave turbulence in W7-X and LHD stellarators [none] UCI
Wang, Ge Reduced kinetic model of runaway electrons in NIMROD [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wei, Xishuo Gyrokinetic particle simulation of electrostatic microturbulence with impurity ions [none] UC Irvine
White, Roscoe Collisional Resonance Broadening [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
White, Roscoe A simple model for perturbative kinetic particle resonance in tokamaks [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Winterberg, Friedwardt M. A New Approach to Nuclear Fusion by Inertial Confinement [none] Carl Friedrich Gauss Academy of Science
Winterberg, Friedwardt M. General Relativistic Approach to Inertial Confinement Fusion [none] Carl Friedrich Gauss Academy of Science
Woodruff, Simon Collaborative VR datavis platform for HPC [none] Woodruff Scientific
Wright, Adelle M. Resistive stability of cylindrical MHD equilibria with radially localised pressure gradients [none] Australian National University
XI, YANBIN Influence of density profiles on LH wave propagation in fusion edge plasma 1 Dalian University of Technology
Xie, Tao Numerical studies on the gyrokinetic natural boundary value problem for microturbulence in Tokamak 1 Sichuan University of Science & Engineering
Xie, Hua-sheng Unified Numerically Solvable Framework for Complicated Kinetic Plasma Dispersion Relations [none] Compact Fusion Center, ENN
Xu, Xueqiao On the Divertor Heat Flux Width Scaling [none] 1) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Yoo, Min-Gu A global gyrokinetic simulation study of the magnetic island effects on the plasma transports [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Zarzoso, David Particle transport induced by energetic geodesic acoustic modes [none] CNRS
Zhang, Guannan A GPU-enabled backward Monte Carlo method for 3D runaway electron simulation [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Zheng, Linjin The X point theory and numerical solution [none] The University of Texas at Austin, Institute for F
Zhou, Yao Formation of solitary zonal structures via the modulational instability of drift waves [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Zhu, Ben Up-down asymmetry induced particle pinch in global edge simulations 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Zhu, Hongxuan Wave-kinetic calculation of the tertiary instability and the Dimits shift [none] Princeton University
Zhu, Caoxiang Quick identification of dangerous coil deviations using a Hessian matrix method [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory