May 8-10


Here is the list of abstracts and uploaded presentations.

Author Title Files Organization
Abbate, Joe A Combining data and simulations for plasma dynamics prediction [none] Princeton University
Anderson, Caira I Progress on a fast and robust solver for ideal MHD stability in stellarator geometry [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Andrew, Bradley R Possible Reduced Non-Equilibrium Plasma Model by Using Scaling Relations of Fractional Laplacian [none] Auburn University
Arnaud, Jonathan The impact of tokamak geometry on runaway electron formation in a disrupting plasma. 1 University of Florida
Arnold, David A. Development of non-axisymmetric resistive wall models for MHD simulations of HBT-EP and other tokamaks [none] Columbia University
Azelis, Augustus A Intermittency in the Dimits Regime of Toroidal Ion Temperature Gradient Driven Turbulence [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Barham, William A self-consistent Hamiltonian model of the ponderomotive force and its structure preserving discretization [none] University of Texas at Austin
Barnett, Rhea L Updates to the far-SOL MFEM Anisotropic Plasma Solver (MAPS) code [none] ORNL
Basu, Bamandas Collective Modes Associated with Rarefied Populations of Heavy Nuclei* 1 MIT
Beidler, Matthew T. KORC Modeling of Runaway Electron Beam Impact on DIII-D DiMES [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Boozer, Allen H Chaos and Magnetic Reconnection in Low Resistivity Plasmas 1 Columbia University
Buller, Stefan Turbulence optimization of stellarator using linear + nonlinear gyrokinetic simulations for multi-fidelity optimization [none] University of Maryland
Casali, Livia SOL impurity transport and effects on H-mode pedestal in closed divertors [none] University of Tennessee-Knoxville
Ceccherini, Francesco RF dispersion relations in FRC geometries and HHFW regime [none] TAE Technologies Inc.
Chen, Guangye A multidimensional implicit, conservative and asymptotic-preserving electrostatic particle-in-cell algorithm for strongly magnetized plasmas [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Chuang, Yi-Cheng SOLPS-ITER simulation of MAST neutral penetration versus aspect ratio 1 College of William and Mary
Cianciosa, M. A domain-specific compiler to generate optimized GPU kernels for RF Ray Tracing [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Coppi, Bruno Non-thermal Fusion Burning Processes, Relevant Collective Modes and Gained Perspectives* 1 MIT
Coppi, Paolo S. Plasma Structures of Astrophysical Jets Unraveled 1 Yale Uni.
del-Castillo-Negrete, Diego A Feynman-Kac based method for the computation of local and nonlocal anisotropic transport in magnetized plasmas. [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Diem, Stephanie J The New Pegasus-III Experiment* [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Duarte, Vinicius N Shifting and Splitting of Resonance Lines due to Dynamical Friction in Plasmas [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Dudson, Ben Multi-component transport and turbulence simulations with Hermes-3 [none] Lawrence Livermore Natl Lab
Duff, Joey M Stellarator Turbulence Optimization Based on Flux Surface Triangularity [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Ebrahimi, Fatima Theory of nonlinear ELMs as reconnection bursts [none] PPPL/Princeton University
Elder, Todd M Sparse optimization and topological considerations of current potentials for coil simplification [none] Columbia University
Faber, Benjamin Modeling nonlinear turbulence saturation dynamics in stellarators and its application to optimization [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Faelli, Gilberto Novel Hybrid Reactor Concepts Based on Ignitor Technology and Physics 1 CNR
Fan, Kaixuan Theory of micro-tearing mode and drift Alfven wave instability [none] Peking University
Fan, Kaixuan Theory of micro-tearing mode and drift Alfven wave instability [none] Peking University
Ferraris, Pier Non-Thermal Fusion Processes and Innovations Considered for the Ignitor Program 1 Consorzio Ignitor
Ferraro, Nathaniel M Toward Whole-Facility Tokamak Disruption Modeling with M3D-C1 [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Fitzpatrick, Richard Theoretical Investigation of Braking of Tearing Mode Rotation by Resistive Walls in ITER [none] Institute for Fusion Studies, UT Austin
Frank, Samuel J The impact of full-wave effects on the lower-hybrid current drive spectral gap [none] MIT
Fu, Lanke Numerical near-axis expansion of weakly quasisymmetric equilibria to all orders [none] PPPL
Gabriel, Jack D. Numerical investigation into the effect of temperature gradients on drift wave turbulence [none] William & Mary
Gaur, Rahul Optimizing high-beta fusion devices against linear instabilities [none] University of Maryland, College Park
Ghai, Yashika Modelling interactions between runaway electrons and whistler waves [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Groenewald, Roelof E. A hybrid-PIC implementation in WarpX [none] TAE Technologies
Gustafson, Ian F Minimization of Poloidal Viscosity in Tokamaks Using the FLOW Code [none] Auburn University
Hager, Robert Hybrid-spectral field solver in total-f gyrokinetic particle-in-cell simulations with XGC [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Halpern, Federico D Drift-fluid simulations of blobby transport using a consistent vorticity equation [none] General Atomics
Hansen, Chris Development and validation of tools for magnetized plasmas in fusion devices with 3D structural features [none] Columbia University
Hassan, Ehab Estimating the Heat and Particle Fluxes from the Electron-Temperature Gradient Unstable Modes at the H-mode Pedestal of Fusion National Science Facility (FNSF) [none] ORNL
Howell, Eric C Benchmarking Linear and Nonlinear RMP Response Models using KSTAR Plasma [none] Tech-X Corporation
Imada, Koki Pedestal stability analysis of MAST-U H-mode plasmas [none] York Plasma Institute, U. of York
Izzo, Valerie A Thermal quench and resistive wall effects on operation of the DIII-D runaway electron mitigation coil [none] Fiat Lux
Jang, Byoungchan Device-Agnostic Grad-Shafranov Solver using Parametric Physics-Informed Neural Networks [none] University of Maryland
Jepson, Joseph R Simulations of the plasma flow evolution of an axisymmetric tokamak using a Chapman-Enskog-like (CEL) kinetic closure approach in NIMROD [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Jitsuk, Taweesak Analysis of Nonlinear Selection Rules for Saturation Channels in Toroidal and Slab ITG Turbulence [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
Joseph, Ilon Diamagnetic Polarization: Another Manifestation of the Spitzer Paradox [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Kim, Patrick S Optimization of Nonlinear Turbulence in Stellarators [none] University of Maryland
King, Jacob R Refactoring the NIMROD code to incorporate accelerated computing, modern Fortran and multicomponent MHD [none] Tech-X Corp
Kleiner, Andreas Extended-MHD modeling of transients in spherical tokamaks and SPARC [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Kostadinova, Evdokiya G Sub-regimes in the subdiffusive and superdiffusive transport and their implications to energetic particles in magnetized plasma [none] Auburn University
Kruger, Scott Bayesian Approach to Inverse Problems in Fusion Plasmas [none] Tech-X
Ku, Seung-Hoe Electromagnetic effect on divertor heat-load width: A gyrokinetic simulation study using total-f particle-in-cell code XGC [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Kumar, Atul Modeling of plasma parallel transport in the Material Plasma Exposure eXperiment during radio-frequency heated discharges 1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Lee, Frank M. A Novel Method for Solving the Linearized 1D Vlasov--Poisson Equation [none] University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Leigh, Sid J Drift-Kinetic Modelling of Neoclassical Tearing Modes (NTMs) at Threshold Scale [none] York Plasma Institute, University of York
Li, Nami BOUT++ Simulations on Turbulence Spreading in Small ELM Regimes for Divertor Heat Load Control 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Li, Jessica L. Stabilizing effect of negative triangularity on turbulence-driving microinstabilities [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Liu, Chang Self-consistent simulation of compressional Alfvén eigenmodes excited by runaway electrons [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Lopez, Omar Development of a hybrid kinetic-MHD equilibrium solver for runaway electron plateau modeling 1 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Mao, Haotian Rapid assimilation of high-Z impurities along the magnetic field line from an ablated pellet [none] Los Alamos National Laboratory
Morrison, Philip J. On metriplectic dynamics and geometry: joining Hamiltonian and dissipative dynamics 1 University of Texas at Austin
Nies, Richard Perpendicular anisotropy and critical balance in electrostatic ITG turbulence [none] Princeton University
Nikulsin, Nikita Approximate analytical stellarator equilibria [none] Princeton University/PPPL
Novikau, Ivan Quantum computing for modeling linear waves in plasmas [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Panici, Dario Novel Stellarator Phase Space Exploration with DESC [none] Princeton University
Paradela Perez, Ivan Analysis of power and momentum transport and removal in spherical tokamaks using SOLPS-ITER [none] ORNL
Parisi, Jason F Multi-Device Study of Pedestal Width Scaling Using a Gyrokinetics-Based Model 1 Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Parker, Scott E. CUGK - A lightweight gyrokinetic modeling workflow for improving our understanding of transport [none] University of Colorado
Parra, Felix I Linear equations for stellarator local MHD equilibria around irrational and rational flux surfaces [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Patil, Sanket A. Updates on numerical implementation and testing of NIMSTELL [none] UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-MADISON
Paul, Elizabeth J. Energetic Particle Transport in Configurations Close to Quasisymmetry with Alfv\'{e}nic Perturbations [none] Columbia University
Pharr, Matthew C A non-local magneto-curvature instability in differentially rotating plasmas [none] Columbia University
Poulos, Matthew J An overview of recent progress in radio-frequency sheath theory, modeling, and experiment [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Pugmire, David Visualization Services for Poincare Analysis [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ricci, Valeria Formation of Magnetic Fields on Grand Scale Distances 1 CNR
Riggs, Greg A Time-resolved biphase signatures of quadratic nonlinearity observed in coupled eigenmodes on the DIII-D tokamak [none] West Virginia University
Sainterme, Alexandre P Resistive Instability of a Fluid Runaway Electron Beam [none] University of Wisconsin - Madison
Sanchez, Raul Application to ITER and W7-X of a novel free-plasma-boundary scheme for the SIESTA and FLIPEC MHD equilibrium codes 1 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Schnake, Stefan An Adaptive Sparse Grid Discretization (ASGarD) for High-dimensional Kinetic Problems [none] ORNL
Sengupta, Wrick Periodic Korteweg-de Vries soliton potentials generate magnetic field strength with exact quasisymmetry [none] Princeton University
Shadwick, Bradley A Eulerian Finite-Difference Vlasov Solver with a Non-Uniform Momentum Grid [none] Univ of Nebraska - Lincoln
Sinha, Priyanjana Neoclassical transport due to resonant magnetic perturbations in DIII-D and NSTX [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Snyder, Philip B Developing a New Self-Consistent Model of Coupled Pedestal, Scrape-Off-Layer, and Divertor Physics [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Spencer, Andrew A Newton-Krylov Method for Simultaneous Semi-Implicit Time-advance of Extended MHD with Kinetic Closures [none] Utah State University
Spigler, Renato Magnetic Reconnection Driven by Thermal and Non-thermal Energy Densities 1 CNR-ISC, Italy
Spong, Donald A Stabilization of energetic particle driven Alfvén instabilities in stellarators through high density operation [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Staebler, Gary M A new flexible gyro-fluid linear eigensolver [none] ORNL
Sturdevant, Benjamin J A finite-grid stable implicit gyrokinetic electromagnetic particle-in-cell algorithm [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Tan, Xin Zhi Elliptical corrections to the gyroaveraging operation in gyrokinetic Particle-in-Cells in high E-field-gradients regions 1 University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Toler, Evan H. An Integral Equation Approach to Free Boundary Equilibrium Calculations in Tokamaks [none] New York University
Trinczek, Silvia Neoclassical transport in strong gradient regions [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Tripathi, Bindesh Transport and Saturation in Two- and Three-Dimensional Shear-Flow Turbulence [none] University of Wisconsin-Madison
trivedi, pallavi Core-Edge Coupling: Modelling of fixed gradient driven core delta-f and flux driven edge total-f mode [none] princeton plasma physics laboratory
Tsao, Shu-Wei Analysis of 3D reconnection heating in the solar corona via gyrokinetic simulations 1 University of Texas at Austin
Vahala, George Quantum Algorithms for Electromagnetic Scattering from Anisotropic Dielectric Objects [none] William & Mary
Varela, Jacobo Effect of the NBI operational regime on the AE saturation phase in DIII-D plasma [none] University Carlos III of Madrid
Waelbroeck, Francois L. Compressible theory of unmagnetized islands in inhomogeneous plasma [none] Univ. Texas at Austin
Wang, Wenhao A 2D simulation model for electrostatic presheath potential in FRC SOL [none] University of California, Irvine
Wei, Xishuo Reconstruction of tokamak plasma safety factor profile using deep learning [none] UC Irvine
Wilson, Howard R Stability of the Tokamak Pedestal with Applied 3D Magnetic Perturbations [none] University of York
Woodbury Saudeau, Gabriel S Compressible Analysis of Combined Kelvin-Helmholtz and Rayleigh-Taylor Instabilities In the Supersonic Regime [none] Auburn University
Wright, Adelle Innovations in high-fidelity magnetohydrodynamic modelling for advanced stellarators [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Xu, Xueqiao BOUT++ Simulation Code: Advancing our Understanding of Turbulence and Transport in Boundary Plasmas [none] Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Yang, Minglei A machine learning normalizing flow surrogate model for plasma kinetic computations [none] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Zarzoso, David Limitations of the gyro-kinetic description of energetic particle transport in the presence of turbulence [none] CNRS
Zhang, Yanzeng Collisionless cooling of perpendicular electron temperature in the thermal quench of a magnetized plasma 1 Los Alamos National Laboratory
Zhao, Chen Disruption simulation with pellet injection and runaway electrons [none] General Atomics
Zheng, Linjin The negative triangularity effects on the safety factor profile for tokamak steady state confinement 1 Institute for Fusion Studies, The University of Te
Zhu, Ben Conducting Hasegawa-Wakatani model 1 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Zhu, Hongxuan Intrinsic toroidal rotation in tokamaks from global total-f gyrokinetic simulations [none] Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory